Saturday, July 11, 2009

ESPN2 Is Making Me Nauseous

They're airing the 1999 Home Run Derby right now, and I just watch McGwire's steroided up ass jack 13 bombs out of Fenway while Sammy "no speaka de english" Sosa cheered him on, and Rafael "not Italian" Palmeiro videotaped the whole thing. It was truly a sickening display.

I'm REALLY glad I wasn't really that into baseball back then. If I were, I'm not sure I still would be today. How did anyone not know that these guys were on steroids? All you have to do is look at McGwire or Sosa, and it's pretty obvious.


  1. I remember thinking something was strange with good ole' Mark when I seen this photo where he had this vein in his neck so big it looked like some one shoved a garden hose down his throat. I don't remember what year it was though. Grant

  2. Sad to think of my beginning collecting days I was around 9 chasing these guys rookie cards spending what little $ I had. I think I have PTSD but I'm o.k now with my meds an all : ) I still have Junior, if I found out Griffey was on steroids I don't think I would recover. Grant