Thursday, July 9, 2009

It has arrived...

and has been busted. Both boxes of A&G have been opened, and eventually I will post the results. One box was pretty awesome, while the other was pretty disappointing. In the second box I only received 2 out of the promised 3 hits, and about 4 of my minis were severely damaged, along with a couple base cards.

Does anyone know how to go about contacting Topps customer support? I want my promised 3rd hit and the damaged minis replaced.

I will say this, once again A&G looks great, and is still my favorite product to bust. It's always a blast to see all the random champion cards they end up including.

I am very disappointed however that my second box was so terrible, and that cards were damaged. This aggression will not stand man.


  1. I see my bribe to your local delivery man was not a wasted effort. Truly a shame you're missing a hit. Wherever could it be? Forwarded on to a warmer local, perhaps Las Vegas? I'll give it a good home.

    Rule #1 of Gint-A-Cuffs: There are no rules. Except the 18 pages of scoring rules. Aside from those, NO RULES!

  2. It looks like autos are falling one per box, did you get one in Box One?

  3. I didn't get an auto in my box... :(

  4. Send the bad box to them, they are usually pretty good about replacing stuff that is damaged:

    The Topps Company, Inc.
    ATTN: Consumer Relations
    401 York Ave.
    Duryea, PA 18642

  5. Bad news on the day before my box arrives. That's not cool, man.

  6. You got that right night owl. After all I've done to inadvertently promote this product, this is the thanks I get?


  7. Will you be scanning/scoring any from the good box today? I'd like an excuse to not leave my house since it's 106 degrees outside. Please? :)

  8. Wasn't planning on it Ryan, but I might. I've got the day off while the lady is at work tomorrow, so I was just going to do it then.

  9. I'd suggest contacting them before sending anything in. I've worked with them before and as long as it is a current product and you've got all of the items that they require, Topps has been excellent at taking care of issues. You can contact customer service here:

    You'll want to hold on to the box, wrappers and receipt. You'll have to send them the UPC from the box, all of the wrappers and the receipt along with any damaged cards that you want replaced (up to 25 unless a whole box was damaged) along with a letter explaining what happened and listing off the damaged cards.

    I've seen more than a few box breaks online where people only got 2 hits which is a little disappointing. They must have used Upper Deck's box packers this time around. Good luck in getting what you need. Topps usually does a good job, but even so, having to wait is a huge pain in the ass.

  10. YO BEARDY i got 4 hits
    3 relics and a printing plate

  11. Beardy, you've gotta post one score so you can sit atop for just a bit :)

  12. im not even gonna say what my score was. I knew I'd get a yankee box I got like 2 rays in the box