Sunday, July 19, 2009

My $7 Cut Autograph

You may recall from reading THIS post, that I won an eBay auction for a cut autograph while I was away at the beach. Well.... it arrived yesterday.

There is it, my $7 Bob Feller cut autograph. Unfortunately, it's put out by TriStar, and is from the Signa Cuts set. I say unfortunately for a few reasons. The first is that the back of this card is EXTREMELY vague and there isn't even an attempt at authentication. Here's the exact verbiage from the back of this card:

"You have received a Signa Cut® featuring an authentic hand-signed autograph"

What exactly does that mean? I could have signed this card, and that verbiage would still ring true.

My second issue with this card is something that should be pretty obvious to all of us. Bob Feller is still alive! This set is actually FULL of players who are still alive. Granted, Bob Feller is 90 some-odd years old at this point, and is widely considered one of the best pitchers of his era, along with being a first ballot Hall of Famer, but the question still remains.... Why are companies releasing cut autographs of players who are not deceased and could otherwise sign a regular card?

My third and final issue with this card I'm not even sure is actually an issue. Originally, I thought the card was pretty bland looking, but to tell you the truth, the more I think about it, the more I like the fact that this is just a plain, white index card instead of a recycled autograph bit from an autographed card that was previously released years ago, ala 2009 Legendary Cuts. Those cards are just plain ugly! TriStar did manage to put some sparkles on the border, so they've got that going for them. I will admit though, it's still a pretty dull looking card overall, and a photo of the actual player would have been a nice addition.

Despite the fact that it MAY be a fake cut autograph of a player who is not deceased that also happens to be sort of boring, I still got a freakin' Bob freakin' Feller cut autograph card for SEVEN FREAKIN' DOLLARS! The freakin' heater from Van Meter, and hurler of 3 no-hitters, including the only one to ever be thrown on Opening Day! That's pretty freakin' awesome!


  1. What's he only Bob Feller item more valuable than a signed photo?
    An unsigned photo!
    The guy is a machine when it comes to signing. Nice pick up even if you don't particularly care for it.

  2. Very nice, A good deal no matter how you look at it. I'm thinking maybe Feller doesn't sign auto's any anymore do to his age? I dunno. I do kind of like the lack of a design extra on this card. As far as the cad info I was scanning ebay just looking at Griffey auto's and I believe it was a legendary cuts ( not sure) but it said nothing on the card except griffeys auto and on the back that it was a certified auto ( not even saying it was griffey? ) I don't get it no name on the card no pic no mention at all of the player ETC.. oter then the auto why would I buy this card? I would ? myself forever if it was really a griffey auto or a fake! Grant

  3. Dude you can't beat a Feller auto for seven bucks! He's a HOFer.... No matter what you got a great deal...Plus if you get a 8x10 and some matting make yourself a nice little framed auto..

  4. Freakin' ay, man... Freakin' ay.