Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Burke Kenny Octo-fecta

As a blogger named beardy, I absolutely LOVE that Topps included 2008 Full Beard & Mustache champion Burke Kenny in this year's Allen & Ginter's set. I love it so much in fact, that I am going to try and attempt to collect EVERY Kenny variation in this year's release. Believe it or not, through 4 boxes of Ginter, I wasn't even lucky enough to pull his base card. So I truly will be starting from scratch. Too bad Topps didn't use a picture like the one above for his card. It would have looked a little better than just a dude with a huge beard in his sweats, and would really showcases what all that facial hair can do.

Here's the rundown of Kenny cards I am searching for:

1. #61 Base card: ALREADY EN-ROUTE FROM Ryan's Memorabilia, BUT MORE COPIES NEEDED
2. #61 Mini card

3. #61 Mini A&G back
4. #61 Mini black framed
5. Mini no number back: WON ON EBAY LAST NIGHT!
6. #61 Mini Bazooka back: TRADE IN THE WORKS WITH RYAN OF Card Cache

7. #AGR-BK Burke Kenny beard hair relic

8. #AGA-BK Burke Kenny autograph: WON ON EBAY 5 MINUTES AGO!

If you were fortunate enough to pull any of the cards listed or shown above, please contact me about a trade. I am dead serious about trying to complete The Burke Kenny Octo-fecta. If I were really crazy, I'd add the red ink auto to this list. It would be nice to own, but I'm not made of money, and it's not like he's a Hall of Famer or anything.... at least not a baseball Hall of Famer.

Seriously, drop me an email or leave a comment if you have any of these cards for trade. I mean it!

Oh, and one more thing, make sure your sound is turned up, and CLICK THE LINK!


  1. Just a reminder, I have the mini A&G back for you.

    Confirmation word - flatisms


  2. I'll send you my mini of him too :) it will be in the package going out on monday!

  3. Beardy I'm getting my 1st hobby of these next week you will be the first I send any of these your way. I mean It will be very hard to part with them very hard and would expect a lot in return possible a griffey or Ichiro auto mantle ETC.. LMAO! just kiddin Although it gives me the only reason I would want to pull this card! LOL your a how do I put this? a character borderlie crazy but that's why I like you! J/K Grant

  4. Don't forget the silk card.

  5. I was thinking about that already, Holy Hitter. If I go there, I may as well chase at least one of the printing plates too. This could get rather pricey...

  6. I have the regular mini if you need it beardy.

  7. Blogger made me confirm that I am not a robot by spelling mouscyst

  8. I was gonna take a shot at this auction and then trade it to you, but thought you'd value it much more than I would, here's a red ink Burke Kenny auction, just in case you aren't already watching it: