Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stupid @#$^ing Redemtions!

I knew I should have put Finest Rookie Redemption #4 on eBay, but nooooo..... I had to go and redeem it. What "hot" rookie am I going to be receiving in the mail next January?

Gimme a break Topps! Aren't you jumping the gun at least a little bit? The guy has all of 5 Major League at-bats. FIVE!

There are plenty of other rookies out there who don't have Finest cards who are more deserving than this guy. The first one that comes to mind, being an Orioles homer, is Nolan Reimold, and if I sat here and really thought about it, there are at least 10 more that I would come up with before Julio Borbon. I'm so pissed that I just typed a run-on sentence, with about 8 commas!

Granted, he was Baseball America's #19 prospect in 2007, but the dude was JUST called up a week and a half ago!


  1. Crap! I got that one too!

  2. Now in the liquor aisle...

    Topps Finest Borbon

  3. I'm a bit disappointed in the whole Topps Finest Redemption set so far, no autos yet...I redeemed all ten of mine too...hopefully I'll get at least one auto out of it.