Friday, July 3, 2009

Who's It Going To Be?

Reason numero uno why I shouldn't be allowed to work the overnight shift?

Because I spend hours creating stuff like this:

I may as well of put my own picture and name on here, because there's no way any of you schmo's are going to win.

Just watched the box break on Beckett's website. Looks like the "Inventions of the Future" is the unannounced "stealth" insert set this year. Unfortunately, the only break of Ginter so far gives no indication of what to expect in each pack. I want the scoring to be fair, and make sure we've got everything covered, so I am opening this up to everyone participating. If you have any additions to the scoring rules, please feel free to leave a comment, and chances are they will be added. I know so far the Brian Kong sketch insert set is unaccounted for, but that might be about it. I'm totally adding bonus points for the beard & mustache champion base card. That guy rules!


I've also added the Gint-A-Cuffs roster to the sidebar.


  1. Have I mentioned that night owls are historically the most creative people? It's been proven in studies. Never apologize for your night shift creations!

  2. thanks night owl! i wasn't really apologizing for the creation, more for the fact that i sink so much energy into something as ridiculous as gint-a-cuffs.

    speaking of which, are you getting a box o' ginter? if so, you should join us!

    one of us! one of us!

  3. Would like to. Don't know if I can afford it right now.

  4. I just wish some non-sport release would be based on something retroy. I don't wanna buy baseball cards for the non-sports inserts. =\

  5. Beautiful card! I want to be on it... but I never pull nuthin' good. Oh, bother...

  6. I re-watched Beckett's break and then checked our scoring... is the silk card they pulled accounted for in the scoring yet? Not sure I saw it listed. :)

  7. What if we are only getting one box??

  8. Zach- ??? I'm only getting one box (for now), what do you mean? The score will be for each box individually.

  9. Don't pay attention to that previous night owl comment. That was an impostor.

    Box ordered.

    Favorite team: Dodgers
    Favorite player: Clayton Kershaw

  10. Box ordered via Free shipping option, should be here less than a week after the product goes live, I hope! :)