Sunday, July 26, 2009


I actually meant to write a proper post today, but stuff ended up happening which prevented this from occurring. I know what you're thinking, there's still time, it's only 7:45 there on the east coast, and you would be correct. However, I am already sinking into the couch cushions and the odds of me getting up to actually scan anything are about the same as the odds of pulling a mini wood parallel out of your A&G box.

What I am going to do is let you know what to expect next week. On Friday I received 4 trade packages, and as a result have about 200 new Orioles cards. One trade has already been posted, and there are 3 more coming up whenever I can motivate myself to use the scanner. As mentioned last week, there's also going to be a Yankee card (EWWW!) featured at some point in the near future, and hopefully a full breakdown of what was in my 4 Allen & Ginter's boxes. There's also a chance you'll be seeing red later this week, and there will probably be a Burke Kenny Octo-fecta update mixed in there somewhere.

Now that I am engaged, the wedding talk has started and a chunk of my free time is being eaten up by scouting locations (not exactly my favorite thing in the world). This weekend I also purchased a new bicycle, in an effort to get a bit more exercise. All of these things I'm sure will end up contributing to less posts in the coming weeks. For those of you that read daily, I apologize. You can rest assured that I'll still post daily more often than not, but I probably won't keep up the same pace I've been on (160 posts in 90 days). Lastly, I am not going to have much of a card budget for a while either, so no box breaks for a little while. I am still going to try and get to the card shop every couple of weeks and pick up some random packs though, which will definitely be scanned and posted.

That is all for now.


  1. What's "exercise"?

    It sounds kind of farmiliar. I think I may have heard of it before.

  2. Come now. Who are you kidding. The title of this post should be "Five O'Clock Foreshadowing".

  3. Excercise? It has an "x" in it so it's clearly some type of Upper Deck card design.

  4. do you get extra gint-a-cuffs points for this exercise thing that you speak of?

  5. Just remember that no wedding reception centerpiece is complete without packs of cards for everyone. Work it into the budget.

    They get something to do, you get cards (let's be honest, they're leaving them at the tables) - everyone is happy.

  6. We had packs of cards at our tables...admittedly, they were crappy early 90's automobile trading cards (our reception was at a car musuem) but most of them disappeared with the guests! So did most of the hot wheels come to think of it. At least they left the hubcaps. While you're scouting locations, see if you can't manage to look at some places you'll enjoy too. The ceremony is really more her anyway, right? If you and your fiancee don't already have it, may I suggest a copy of "Bridal Bargains"? It's a pretty cheap book, and while some of the advice was not possible to use out here in CA, it saved u a ton of money overall in our planning. Anyway, good luck with the scouting and budgeting and such!