Friday, July 17, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Box 2 Packs 5-8

Pack 5
#175 Alfonso Soriano base
#283 Mike Aviles base
#55 Alex Rios base
#79 Electron: -1pt (talk about a negative charge)
#286 Johnny Cueto base
#301 Jonathan Sanchez SP: +5pts
#315 Delmon Young SP mini: +7pts
#NP37 Johan Santana National Pride Venezuela

PACK 5 TOTAL: 11 points (back to the land of double digits)

Pack 6
#276 Vladimir Guerrero base
#88 Brad Penny base
#44 Freddy Sanchez base
#251 Carl Crawford base
#298 Dan Haren base
#144 Joakim Soria "Crack the Code" card: +2pts
#138 Garrett Atkins Ginter back mini: +2pts
#NP43 Jose Lopez National Pride Venezuela

PACK 6 TOTAL: 4 points

Pack 7
#193 Khalil Greene base
#202 Conor Jackson base
#244 Carlos Beltran base
#87 Aaron Cook base
#336 Ryan Ludwick SP: +5pts
#AGHS6 Josh Beckett Baseball Highlights sketch card: +3pts
#EA2 Extinct Creatures mini- Dodo Bird: +11pts
#NP36 Yovani Gallardo National Pride Mexico

PACK 7 TOTAL: 19 points (hot damn!)

Pack 8
#163 Matt Garza base
#158 Raul Ibanez base
#176 Ramiro Pena base: -1pt
#75 David Wright base: +2pts
#74 Matt Tuiasosopo base
#322 Chris Volstad SP: +5pts
#250 Grady Sizemore black bordered mini: +6pts
#NP8 Fausto Carmona National Pride Dominican Republic
Stupid "Crack the Code" advertisement card

PACK 8 TOTAL: 12 points

BOX TOTAL: 113 points

1/3 of the way through, and I am on pace to exceed the 300 points put up by box 1. It's funny, because as far as pulls go, box 1 might have been better. I will say however that this is was a VERY good box of Ginter, and there are more goodies to come.


  1. Good Feakin' Lord Beardy. How in the heck do you get this done so fast. I feel like I've been scanning and stuff all damn day. I'm just taking a break now and you already have another post up.

  2. If you stick around 5 more minutes, another one is coming up.

    It's easiest to do them all in one big chunk and then schedule them to publish a few hours apart from each other. I had the day off today, so this box is finished.


    My brain hurts. Its an atom. Well, its actually an incorrect representation of an atom. Its surrounded by three electrons.

    I'm going to go twitch in the corner for a little bit.

  4. I didn't want to write that and get all sciency on everyone but I'm right there with you on that one, Hamiltonian. The only thing I could figure is that they couldn't really represent an electron until it was given the context of orbiting the nucleus.