Friday, July 24, 2009

Package From Topps

Along with the 3 INSANE trade packages I received in the mail today, (more on those as the weekend rolls along) there was also a mysterious envelope from Duryea, PA. Since that is where I mailed in my wrappers, damaged cards, and box UPC code, I figured this had to be my replacement cards, and that elusive missing "hit" from Ginter box #2.

Well... I was correct. Along with a standard letter explaining their customer service policy, the bubble mailer contained the following:

2 replacement base cards

2 replacement mini cards

1 mysterious little yellow envelope

At this point I'm thinking... "That envelope BETTER contain my missing hit, and it'd BETTER be an auto", since there wasn't one in box 2...

1 semi-crappy relic
I guess it could have been worse, it could have been a Corey Patterson or Fred Lewis relic, but I was really hoping for something better. My question is, how does Topps decide what card to send out in these instances? Is there a giant treasure chest full of relics & autos that someone wearing a blindfold reaches into to retrieve customers missing "hits"? For all anyone knows, the card that should have been in that box was a rip card, or a printing plate, or a red ink auto. Chances are it wasn't, but I feel like whoever processed this order just said "give him a shitty relic card, that way he gets his 3 precious hits, and we are not liable". Maybe I can get a buck for this on eBay, since that seems to be the going rate for Ginter relics of semi-stars these days.

Anyone want to trade for a Magglio relic?

Oh, the other humorous thing was that only the base & minis were in penny sleeves. The relic was naked as the day it was born.


  1. I will trade you my Fred Lewis relic for your Magglio Ordonez relic.

    Yeah, it could've been worse.

  2. No thanks, Night Owl. I've already got a Fred Lewis relic of my own.

  3. Wow this gives me hope, big time hope. I mailed off to topps about a week ago, and I'll eagerly await their package.

    I bought 3 boxes from the same case and all three contained 2 hits, with each of the hits being a Nate McLouth Jersey or Matt Holliday Jersey.

    I've bitched about this non-stop, so I kept one McLouth and one Holliday and mailed Topps the rest. 3 Boxes, and I'm currently sitting on 2 relics instead of 6 Relics and 3 Autos.

    If Anyone can guess the total number of cards that they send back, and the number of autos they send me -- They Win them alllll!

    I won't even start with the fact that the SIX boxes that I purchased still left me 12 cards short of the 1-300 base set.

  4. I know that the dude over at Grand Cards would love it. Looks like he is on your blog roll.

  5. If you send damaged cards with Top loaders or give them a Top loader they'll send stuff back in the same top loader. I think replacements are pretty much the next thing they have in the box. They hold some of every/most things back as replacements for a year. That's why Topps is so strict about the one year thing vs. UD. After the year they'll use what has been held back as replacements for people that sent in damaged/redemption cards that haven't been produced or that are hard to replace (depending on what their "Experts" consider to be the value of the card you send in).

  6. I'll trade you your crappy Magglio for my crappy Magglio relic. It would be the most even trade in the world....