Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That Yankee Card I Was Talking About

One of my favorite things to do while working in the early hours of the morning is scour eBay looking for cards that are ending soon, and have zero bids. I then swoop in like a caped crusader and save those cards from going unsold at the last second. I never pay more than a dollar, and most of the cards I bid on are vintage (pre-1985).

This is a rather interesting card of a true legend (even though he wore pinstripes) that I happened to pick up last week, and wanted to share.

1962 Post #6 Roger Maris
It's in pretty bad shape, and would probably be a better fit for a blog like Poor Old Baseball Cards, but I kinda like it. Can you really blame me? It's an old Roger Maris card that I got for a dollar!

There are a couple of cool things about this card, first, you can plainly see the legit single season home run record listed under Maris' '61 stats, and secondly, these cards were not issued in packs, or as cereal box prizes. Instead, they were printed on the box and had to be hand cut if you wished to collect them. Whomever snipped this card from their box of Post Toasties didn't do the greatest of jobs, especially along the top. The back of this card is blank, and just plain ol' brown cardboard, much like you'd expect the inside of a cereal box to look.

In most cases, I would never purchase or post about anything Yankees related, at least not in a positive light. This card is one of the few exceptions, since it's of a Hall of Famer, and the true single season home run record holder. There's no asterisk required for Roger's '61 in '61 (despite what that damn Ford Frick had to say about it).

To all my fellow Yankee haters, I am sorry. This was one card I couldn't pass up.

I just noticed that White Sox Cards also just received one of these cards, and has a post up about it. His looks a little different, and may be Canadian. Those damn Canadians always have to be soooo different.


  1. Perhaps the Commissioner lent his name to part of our modern vocabulary.

    Frickin' as in: That Frickin' Maris hit 61 @$&! home runs this year. If I could ban him, I would. Put one of those stars by his name. I'm only gonna aksterisk you once.

  2. I wonder how on earth someone could have completed a Post set back then. Imagine all the cereal that would have to be bought. Same with Kellogg's and Hostess sets (but at least there was a mail-in offer for the Kellogg's sets)

  3. I was reading the post and wondering why you didn't scan the front of the card too.

    Yeah, I'm a little slow sometimes. Definately worth a buck.

    And, you shouldn't be ashamed of having Yankee cards. Like it or not, as a collector you'd have to ignore a hell of a lot of great players if you wrote off the Yankees.

  4. I know, eh? Darn Canadians! What's that all aboot, eh? Sorey, rant over.

  5. How do you collect a set like that? Eat a lot of cereal! I never managed to get the entire set, but I did have a few(long gone now).I believe there were at least 6 (http://cardboardicons.com/2009/01/25/card-of-the-day-1961-post-hank-aaron-un-cut-panel/) cards on each box and you had check each box on the shelf and try various grocery stores to get the cards you wanted.

  6. If there were six cards to a box, that would make it easier.

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