Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Foaming At The Mouth

I'm pretty sure I've got the Ginter Flu. Symptoms include sleeplessness do to your mind racing with anticipation, a terrible case of envy due to seeing other post pack rips, and news of boxes arriving, and blurred vision from staring at eBay for hours checking out what's out there so far.

I totally can't wait for my 2 boxes to arrive tomorrow, and to make it even sweeter, I've got the day off to really savor my box break(s). This afternoon, while suffering from the blurry eye, I managed to grab a few images from eBay of some cards in this set that I'll probably never be lucky enough to own, but are pretty cool none the less.

This one has to be my absolute favorite:

Burke Kenny autograph
This guy is the beard & mustache growing champion who is worth extra points in Gint-A-Cuffs. How could I, a guy names beardy not love this dude, or this card? It's impossible I tell you! If I don't end up pulling this card, it's definitely one I'll be looking to trade for.

The next card is also of Kenny, but is sort of creepy:
Burke Kenny relic
I sure hope that's a beard hair, but it most definitely closely resembles a pube. I'm grossed out by my own beard hair, so there's no way I'm interested in someone else's!

Here's another Kenny card, it's a nice example of the new black framed minis. Topps did a great job with these in my opinion, and they look great.

Ok, enough of the beard guy. He may be my favorite non-baseball person in this set, but the rest of you could probably care less. Here's some other cool Ginter cards from the 'Bay:

This card can definitely be my huckleberry:
Doc Holliday Silk

Who doesn't want an autograph of the flop guy?
Dan Fosbury red ink autograph

Here's where things get a little weird, and Topps may have crossed the "gimmick" line. I mean I always have believed that Sasquatch (preferred nomenclature) COULD exist, but as far as I know, one has never been discovered, let along skinned for baseball cards.
Bigfoot DNA relic
That's all I've got for now. If you don't mind a case of the blurry eye, and are suffering from Ginter flu as well, check out eBay. The case busters have been going nuts, and there's already almost 2,500 auctions listed.

Card Cache also has a great post about these Ginter oddities. Not surprisingly we're both interested in some of the same strange cards in this year's set.

I got a fever.... and the only cure is MORE GINTER!


  1. I must say that I definitely have the Ginter flu.... my box is currently sitting in Laurel, MD and will be arriving sometime tomorrow. Unfortunately, we have to wait for Chris to get back from the beach for us to break open the good stuff (because we are nice enough friends to wait for him)...that is if we can wait). Going to be a killer looking at that sweet box all freakin' weekend.... but let the games begin and the Gint-a-cuffs madness unravel. Bigfoot DNA relic..... really?

    Mark from Sacbunt

  2. I MUST have a Fosbury auto card. I was a high jumper in my younger days, and have always idolized Fosbury and his flop. That sounds dirty. If I pull Mr. Beard, I will surely trade him for Mr. Flop.

  3. At least you guys don't have to wait till the middle of next week for the goods. ;_;

  4. haha i already opened 21 packs + im getting a box today !!

  5. Not a single box broken and scored yet? I'm dreaming of seeing the leaderboard light up. I'm in the Midwest and have to wait until Monday for mine.