Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Biggest Oriole Comeback Win In 53 Years!

Check it! They haven't done anything like this since 1956!

Not since these guys:
Has the city of Baltimore seen a win like this one! I wonder who led the charge back then? I tried to google it, but can't find any info. I admittedly didn't look that hard for it though. I'll bet it was Gus Triandos or George Kell, and if it was anything like tonight's amazing comeback, it must have been awesome to watch, even in black & white.

The truly incredible thing about tonight's game was that you could argue it was Felix Pie who sparked it all off. Adam Jones got hurt almost robbing Youkilis of a homer in the first inning, and Pie came on to play the game of his life. Nick Markakis knocked in the tying and go-ahead runs, which could not have been any sweeter for this O's fan.

Oh, and I just heard on the postgame show that this is indeed the biggest comeback in Oriole history, passing the 8 run comeback win that happened in '56. Oh what a night!


  1. Wow! What a game....

    I definitely just wrote up almost the same exact thing on the blog.... spectacular game and there is nothing sweeter than doing it against the stupid Red Sox (well....maybe the Yankees)

  2. Sunday Sept 2, 1956 Fenway Park

    Baltimore, down 8-0 after 2 innings, and 10-6 after 7, comes back to win 11-10.

    3 runs in the 9th, Hatton homered, scoring Gardner.
    Nieman singled, scoring Williams

  3. Damn Canuck, you remember like it was yesterday!

    Thanks for the info, and it's awesome that it was against the Red Sox as well.

  4. Sept 2 1956. Attendence: 12,529

    The Red Sox, managed by the immortal Pinky Higgins, took an insurmountable lead by scoring 4 runs in each of the first 2 innings. The O's chipped away and it was 8 - 6 after the 6th. The Red sox tacked on 2 more in the seventh to put the game away.

    But they didn't count on Hatton. He hitting a towering 2 run home run (with his eyes closed) to tie it up in the ninth before Niemann singled home the go ahead run.

    Oh, the Red Sox fans were angry that day my friend, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

    OH, and I see that El Capitan beat me to it. Screw it, I wrote it, I'm posting it anyway.