Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Best Trade Ever!

A few weeks ago I posted about wanting to unload some '08 Allen & Ginter doubles, to make room for the '09 release. It also seemed like a good way to help others finally finish their sets, and maybe get some Orioles cards in return.

Mike happened to see my post, and was one of the first responders. He sent over his want list, and I was able to hook him up with 80+ cards he needed. These were all just doubles to me, so I was not expecting (or wanting) a lot in return.

What Mike sent me in return is absolutely incredible! 5 TTM autos, 2 "relics", 2 great vintage cards, and an awesome Fleer Cal Ripken "pop-out" 3-D card from the 1986 All-Star game that unfortunately I wasn't able to scan.

1964? Topps Oddball Milt Pappas autograph. If anyone knows where or what this set is called, feel free to drop a comment. The cards is pretty large, I would guess about 2.5" x 6". I guessed 1964, since the back of the card mentions his 1963 campaign, and it's fine finish.

2005 Topps Update "Midsummer Covers" Brian Roberts Game Used Ball #'d/150. That was quite the mouthful. This is a pretty cool card. I like knowing that the ball was used in the All-Star game. At least it's specific.

Upper Deck "Milestone Materials" Miguel Tejada Game Used. I am posting this from work, so I have NO idea what year this is from. I would guess '05 or '06, but without looking at the back of the card, I am not sure. It's a mystery, just like Miggy's age.

1997 Fleer Ultra Scott Kamieniecki TTM autograph. The only reason I know this is a TTM is Mike told me so. Former Stankee, known for his quality pickoff move. I remember him winning a playoff game against Cleveland, but that's about all I recall about this dude.

1996 Stadium Club Doug Jones TTM autograph. 3-time All-Star and journeyman reliever. Sweet mustache though.

1994 Pacific Gregg Olson TTM autograph. Speaking of sweet mustaches, check out the back of this card! I liked Gregg Olson, and he was pretty good here. The only thing I don't appreciate about him is the double "g" at the end of his first name.

1994 Pacific David Segui TTM autograph. David signed this with his syringe.

1976 Topps Brooks Robinson. Currently running second in the "Best Robinson Ever" poll at the top of this blog. It's a travesty he's not in first!

1963 Topps Jim Gentile. Obviously, this guy's not a Jew. 1963 Topps has a great design, and this may be the next O's team set I decide to chase.

I got all of those great cards for a bunch of A&G doubles! Can you believe it? I couldn't either. Thanks again Mike! If you let me know what you collect, I feel like I owe you some additional cards.


  1. You made a heckuva trade. The Pappas card is from the 1964 Topps "Giants" set. They're pretty nice cards. Several of the cards were short-printed, but the rest are fairly easy to get.

  2. Hey Beardy...did you see that I am Joe Collector is searching for Midsummer Cover cards? You might be able to snag some extra Orioles stuff...

  3. Thanks Matt! I figured it was from '64, and knew it was Topps, and also knew that it was big, so all of that makes PERFECT sense.

  4. I figured B Robinson would be number 1 in your poll, but I guess I was wrong! I am a huge fan of his & I can't wait to see him at the legends sports challenge.