Monday, June 15, 2009

Trade w/ Motherscratcher

Even though I tasted defeat in the Turk-Off thanks to this guy, he was still nice enough to send me some Markakis cards to complete an ongoing trade we've got going. Of course, I'm speaking of Motherscratcher DDS from the fabulous Achiever Card Blog. I've sent him a couple bubble mailers filled with Indians, Garbage Pail Kids, and whatever Sizemore's I can scrounge up, and in return, this sizeable haul of quality Markakis cards was sent my way.

I'll start with the best one:

2008 Upper Deck SPX #YSS-NA Young Star Signatures Nick Markakis. Thanks a ton for this one dude! Yet another autograph for my collection. It's a sticker auto, but what can you do?

2008 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection #168 Dual Memorabilia Nick Markakis/Melvin Mora
. Mora is the father of quints. If you've ever watched an Orioles game, EVER, you already knew that.

2007 Turkey Red Black Refractor #76 Nick Markakis. This card should look familiar. It's the card that finished me in the Turk-Off. Now that I have it in my possession, I'm glad I lost. It was worth it for this card!
2006 Topps "Rookie Debut" #RD-5 Nick Markakis. I was lying back there. Losing the Turk-Off crushed me to the soul. I might never fully recover.

2008 Topps Chrome #ARC19 Anniversary Rookie Cup Nick Markakis. Now I have the regular base, chrome, and refractor versions of this card. Sweet!

There was one more that didn't scan so well, 2006 Topps Chrome #313 Nick Markakis "Rookie Card". It has the stupid logo on it, but this is no rookie card.

Along with the Markakii, Fatheritcher also sent me some 2000 Topps Chrome cards. A couple of BJ's in fact (Ryan & Surhoff). They REALLY didn't scan well, so you won't be seeing them. Parents, please don't name your children BJ.

Thanks Motherscratcher! I'll keep the Tribe pile going strong for you.


  1. I kind of liked the look of that SPX, despite the sticker auto. You have no idea how hard it was for me to pull the sticker off of that Melky Cabrera and put it on the Markakis. Rob makes it look way too easy. But it came out nice.

    The other chrome cards and whatnot just came from the few boxes I busted recently. Orioles go in the Beardy pile.

  2. Not like it's a tough auto to fake... just a bunch of scribble.

    I like to say that I've got a Tribe pile going for you, but I always forget when filing cards, and have to go sort through them again when it's trade time.