Monday, June 22, 2009

Night Owl For The Night Shift

In honor of me working overnights for the next 3 weeks, I've decided to post some cards sent to me by Greg of Night Owl Cards. To be fair, they would have been posted regardless, but somehow it seems more appropriate to be posting them while working the night shift.

Without further ado, here's a sampling of what was sent:

1981 Donruss Eddie Murray. This is probably my favorite card Greg sent over. It's from my birth year (a.k.a the greatest year ever), and the look on Eddie's face is priceless. He almost looks sad. It's tough to be sad with sideburns that incredible.

2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Starquest Nick Markakis
. I was admittedly excited to see this card. I've wanted it for a little while now, and was hoping that someone would send it my way eventually. This one is of the "silver common" variety, which only leaves me what, about 37 more colors to collect.
2009 Upper Deck USA Baseball Jake Arrieta
. This is my first card of the young O's pitching prospect stud. Thanks Night Owl!

2009 TriStar PROjections Jake Arrieta
. This is my second card of the young O's pitching prospect stud. Thanks Night Owl!

2009 TriStar PROjections David Hernandez
. Hmm.... I'm sensing a theme here. This is yet another O's pitching prospect. Hernandez was called up this season already, and made a few starts before being sent back down to the minors.

1987 Sportflics Fred Lynn
. I always forget he was an Oriole, but not for long. Sportflics will make sure I always remember. Who doesn't love Sportflics? These things were awesome! If someone decided to revive the brand, I'd pre-order 2 boxes immediately.

1994 Leaf Studio Lee Smith
. A.L. saves leader in 1994, his only year with the Orioles. I've always loved Leaf Studio, and this is one of their better designs.

1991 Kmart Super Stars Mickey Tettleton
. I actually missed this guy until Matt Wieters parted the Chesapeake Bay and arrived in town. He had the funkiest batting stance this side of Julio Franco, and used to chew an awful lot of tobacco if memory serves.

1994 Post Cal Ripken Jr.
I wonder if Night Owl pulled this from a box of Fruity Pebbles? My gut says no, but my heart screams yes.

Those were among my favorites of the cards Greg sent over, but are by no means all of them. Here's the rest:

Thanks again Night Owl. You know I've already got a stack of Dodgers going for you.


  1. So, you have time on the night shift to post? What a wonderful world that must be.

    And your gut is correct.

  2. Yeah, it's kind of a "warm body" shift. Once all the MLB night games end (around 2am on the east coast), there isn't much of anything really to do. Today is Monday, and there were only a few games to begin with, so it was pretty slow.