Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trade w/ Cardboard Junkie

The Commish was nice enough to send me some Orioles cards. In all honesty, I did send him some Braves first, so fair is fair. If you don't know who Dayf is, stop reading this right now. You don't belong here. At least not until you've read through the archives of his fantastic blog, Cardboard Junkie. The man is an inspiration to card bloggers in the same way that I am an inspiration to beard growers. He's practically a friggin' institution!

Here's a sampling of the goodness that found it's way into my mailbox:

I'll start with the Markakii. Dayf managed to find 4 that I didn't already have, 3 if you count the fact that I know I have one of these somewhere, but can't locate it. Still pretty impressive none the less.

2004 Topps Heritage #282. First card from this release that I've ever had. It's from the "lost years" when the hobby and I were separated.

2007 Allen & Ginter #131
. This guy homered tonight, in case you were wondering.
2007 Bowman Heritage #196 No Signature
. Someone else sent me the regular version last week, and I remarked that the no sig version was already in my possession, but misplaced. I still haven't found it, so thank you double for this one Dayf.

2008 Upper Deck Timeline #34. After a couple blasters and 1 hobby box, this card had still managed to elude me. Did I mention this guy homered tonight?

Now we'll move on to all the non-Markakis cards Dayf sent over.

2006 Topps Turkey Red Jim Palmer Red. My favorite Matt Wieters fact is that he is so good Jim Palmer stopped talking about himself. If you've never watched an O's game on TV, with Palmer doing the color commentary, you may not know what I'm talking about. Trust me when I tell you that the only thing Jim Palmer does better than pitch, is talk about himself.

1969 Topps Tom Phoebus. Sweet! This guy is a former Rookie of the Year (1967), and also tossed a no-hitter... against the Red Sox! Sure, they sucked back then, but a no-no is a no-no. I like the '69 Topps design, perhaps it'll be the next team set I work on.

2008 Upper Deck Daniel Cabrera Jersey
. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I know there was that whole promise to be positive from the other day and all, but there isn't much in the way of positivity that Cabrera brings to mind. He's now the Nationals problem, and for that, I am grateful. All the talent in the world, but a total mental case. He was also seen several times in public, wearing a Yankee cap... IN BALTIMORE!!

1976 Topps Ray Kunz
. Officially my first and only Baltimore Colts card. This trade package keeps getting better and better.

1986 Topps Sammy Stewart
. Nothing special about this card, or this guy. '86 Topps just happens to be the first set I remember collecting as a kid, which makes it one of my favorite sets of all time.

1987 Kmart 25th Anniversary Brooks Robinson
. Any Brooks Robinson card is an awesome baseball card. Matt Wieters would agree with that sentiment.

1990 Upper Deck Billy & Cal Ripken

1991 Stadium Club Cal Ripken Jr. Members Only
. Much cooler than the jacket. This was one of the "it" cards to have growing up in Baltimore, and now it's mine. In your face kids I knew in the 4th grade!

You know what, this is getting old. Dayf sent me so many cards, I'd be up till 2am trying to get each one of them posted, and thinking of semi-witty things to say about them.

I'll just show you the rest.

There you have it. That's at least part of all the cards Dayf sent me. Thanks again man! This is usually where I poke fun at your weak bearding skills, but since you sent me so many spectacular cards, I won't even go there.


  1. Matt Wieters' feat is even more impressive when I think about how my brother and I used to complain how much Jim Palmer talked about himself way back when he did national baseball broadcasts for ABC. And that was back in the late-80s.

  2. You know I love that red Turkey Red.

    I also think that the best card of a felon who is currently serving time is probably the Sammy Stewart.

  3. wow, should have done my homework. how could i have missed sammy stewart being a crackhead?

  4. i love the b. robinson card...big fan! I heard he is playing in a poker tournament soon? that should be interesting! I love the Orioles.

  5. Weak bearding skills... I felt really bad about the Cabrera jersey (only O relic I could find) but no more!