Friday, June 5, 2009

Box Break Fail - 2007 Sweet Spot Classic

I do not own any Sweet Spot autographs, so naturally I was pretty psyched about opening this box/tin thing. This was the main reason I fell victim to the DA combo special. From watching other peoples breaks online, it became pretty obvious that these are VERY hit and miss, but generally you at least get something decent out of each one.

Get ready for a letdown!

Don Mattingly base

Jimmie Foxx base - this card would be a lot cooler with an old-school gray jersey swatch on it.

Ron Guidry jersey - I now have 2 Guidry jerseys. Anyone want them?

Dennis Eckersley Jersey - Sure are a lot of mustaches in this pack.


My first Sweet Spot autograph....
Yeah, that's right, it's a @$#%ing redemption, and a semi-crappy one at that. Silver stitch blue ink auto of Dick Allen. Embarrassingly enough, I didn't even know who Dick Allen was until I googled him. At least he's up for induction to the Hall of Fame this year, which would immediately change my mind about this box. A Hall of Famer auto would make this box decent, despite the crap jersey cards and mustaches. Allen put up decent enough numbers in the pitching dominated 60's. He was also the N.L. Rookie of the Year in 1964, and an MVP in 1972. In my opinion, his numbers are borderline Hall of Fame material, but I certainly hope he gets in so that maybe this card will actually be worth something when it arrives.

Here is a fun fact about Dick Allen courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame:

"Among Hall of Fame eligibles not enshrined, Dick Allen trails only Pete Browning and Mark McGwire in adjusted OPS+, a measure of a player's offensive effectiveness relative to his peers."

Sounds like he has a decent shot at making it in to me.

The reason for me titling this post "Box Break Fail" is because I really did have higher expectations. I've seen nice jerseys from older players pulled pretty regularly, as well as some great looking patch cards. Instead I got boring, solid color jerseys, and ZERO satisfaction in the autograph department, since it arrived in redemption form.

Upper Deck always seems to let me down when it comes to "hits". Does anyone else have this problem? I've never pulled a case hit, or anything major out of an Upper Deck box, but for some reason always have decent luck when it comes to Topps products. This will definitely be my last break for a little while. I already know there's some Ginter coming for my birthday in July, and I pre-ordered a box of Goodwin Champions today as well, but probably no more until then. It's definitely been one of those days for me, this box was disappointing, I got outbid at the last second on 2 sweet cards on eBay, and it's raining. Total bummer man. I'm thinking it might be smart to hold off on any more eBaying until the season is over, and stuff becomes affordable again.


  1. Dagger, a redemption "hit"... what a let down. I'm with you in waiting until the season is over and this stuff gets cheaper - though I usually take it to an extreme and wait 10 years or so! That way, crappy hits aren't really crappy for two reasons: 1) they're probably not even considered hits any more, and 2) It's not like I paid much for 'em!

  2. Well, the redemption certainly sucks.

    But I'd be happy with a Dick Allen auto. Not only did he have a decent career, but he was one of those cool anti-establishment '70s guys. I've always thought players like Curt Flood and Alex Johnson and Dick Allen were fascinating. Even though they were probably a pain in the ass to either management or their teammates or both.

  3. Ill take it off your bearded little hands.

    word verification: Coxbless

  4. I would love the Dick Allen card. Not a bad break at all, I'd say.