Tuesday, June 30, 2009

O So Close To Completion

Another card that can be crossed off the '59 Topps Orioles want list. #192 Charley Beamon has been located, and #529 George Bamberger has been acquired. This puts me one card away from knocking this sucker out.

Here's the updated want list rundown:

#48 Orioles Team Checklist
#192 Charlie Beamon (I might already have this card, but can't seem to locate it) FOUND! 6/29/09
#336 Billy Loes variation w/ trade statement (I already have 336a) Probably not ever going to get this card, so I'm giving up on it
#507 Bob Hale (high #) Acquired! 6/19/09
#529 George Bamberger (high #) Acquired 6/29/09!

If anyone out there has #48, the Orioles checklist/team card, and is willing to trade it, please let me know. I don't even care if it's in good condition, I can always upgrade it later.

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  1. Damn man, I was just at a card store in Arkansas with many older Orioles cards. Don't recall seeing the checklist but should have checked for you.