Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Life Is Now Complete!

I just witnessed the Beastie Boys AND Biz Markie performing Bennie & The Jets... LIVE! Snapped a few crappy pics with my phone, and maybe I'll post a couple tomorrow.

Wow, just wow!


  1. Speechless. I got nothin. Too cool.

  2. Any time the Biz shows his ugly head at a Beastie Boys show you know it's gonna be good. When he hits those high notes he's unstoppable! I've been lucky enough to pull in over 20 live shows of the B Boys and every time it gets better!

  3. Wow...you got tickets? By the time I got the message, it was sold out. How was it seeing them at Rams Head? So awesome...

    I got to see Decemberists at Merriweather yesterday and tonight I'm seeing the manliest band on earth, Indigo Girls (free tix from work, even still).

  4. You sure do have an awesome girlfriend ;-)
    Takes you to Beastie Boys shows and doesn't complain (too much) about your baseball card madness.