Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Spectrum Box Break

I'm not going to apologize for referring to this product as "Rectum" in the past (creative, I know). The base set is pretty ugly, and if it weren't for the chance to pull a Burt Reynolds auto, I wouldn't even of bought this box. It was part of the combo special I got from DA, which also included a Sweet Spot Classic tin, and a box of Timeline.

Pretty much, I should have just wiped my behind with the money I spent on these boxes. I generally feel that way after the initial thrill of breaking the box wears off.

Here we go!

Base cards: there were 64 in this box, and NO DOUBLES! Here are my only 2 Orioles:

Parallels: 3, all of the red variety
David Wright (which scans better than it looks)
Hanley Ramirez
and Erik Bedard

The Jersey: Josh Beckett

The not Burt Reynolds "Celebrity" Auto: Kendra Wilkinson

The Rookie auto that saved this box from being a total waste: Mat Gamel

Overall, I was not very impressed with this box, but I knew what I was going to be getting myself into. There sure are a lot of crap so-called celebrity autos in this set, and I certainly got one. I didn't even know who that chick was until I googled her ass. I was not impressed once I found out. Being on a reality show does not a celebrity make. I would have been much happier with the aforementioned Burt Reynolds, Cheech, Chong, or even Corey Feldman (at least he was in Goonies). Instead I got a glorified pornstar who may or may not have done the inverted mambo with Hugh Hefner. GROSS! I am pretty happy with the Gamel auto. He's already been called up this year, and has had some success early on. From what I hear, he can flat out hit, so let's hope he keeps it up. What's up with Erik Bedard still being featured in an O's jersey? He hasn't played in Baltimore since 2007! This IS a 2009 product, right? Maybe Upper Deck couldn't get an updated photo, since Bedard spends the majority of every season avoiding the media while on the DL.

Oh, and Upper Deck, purple is not really a good color for a base set. If this were My Little Pony, it would have worked well, but this is baseball dammit!


  1. On your advice I also googled Kendra Wilkinson's Ass. Image search. I have to say, I was somewhat impressed. I still have no idea who the hell she is though.

    When I got to Bedard I wondered why you didn't mention that you got another Orioles card. It took me a few seconds. I'm a little slow sometimes.

  2. Well, when you think about it, Spectrum is to baseball cards what reality shows are to television. So, it all fits.

  3. Ugh. I just Googled Kendra Wilkinson and Susie Feldman the same evening. I might as well go to and be done with it, no one will believe I did it because of trading cards.