Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 A Piece of History Hobby Pack

Yep, I'm a sucker for this stuff. Mainly because when I go to the card shop, these are one of the few reasonably priced hobby packs available. So, Friday when I stopped by, along with the pack of Sport Legends shared yesterday, I also grabbed 1 pack of this junk, and a couple of other random packs that will be shared later on. This was the top pack in the box, no digging around or anything, and I knew as soon as I picked it up there was something in there (besides just crappy looking base cards)

Well, here goes:
#137 Aaron Cunningham

#79 Brian Giles
. Am I the only one who likes these uniforms?

UD 20th Anniversary #962 Nebraska Cornhuskers
. Never was a Huskers fan. This card will find it's way to Rob at VOTC, along with the rest of my 20th Anniversary nonsensical cards.

#POH-JH Pants relic from Outlander
. Here is what I was talking about. This is the first one of these I've ever gotten, and I guess it's sort of cool. I've never seen Outlander, and wasn't able to place John Hurt until I looked him up on IMDB. As you can see his resume is pretty impressive. Although I've seen many movies he has been in, Alien is one of the only ones I remember him in. At least the relic itself is leather.

#156 18th Amendment Adopted
. Boo prohibition! This whole subset sort of baffles the mind. Most of the "historical moments" are pretty sorry, and definitely have nothing to do with baseball. Well, except this one. I guess you couldn't drink at ballgames anymore.

#31 Troy Tulowitzki

Not a bad pack. While the Outlander relic isn't the best by any means, I'd rather have that than a jersey of some crummy player like Garrett Atkins or Bobby Crosby.


  1. My God, you mean they couldn't at least find a picture of the Cornhusker's stadium with some fans in it or something? Would that be too much to ask?

    Oh, and, Kendra Wilkinson is everywhere now all of a sudden. I think she may have you to thank for the exposure. She has a new show on E or something. I heard or read somewhere that she's a "hotter and dumber Jesica Simpson."

    I'm in, dude.

  2. That's sick that you got two relics/auto from two packs (counting the sports legends). BTW, where'd you go? I usually go to the hobby shop on Route 40.

  3. Pop, I usually go to Sports Card Depot in Parkville. For some reason I always have good luck there. They used to be at another location closer to Towson, and that's where I got cards when I was a kid too.

    They have awesome prices, and he usually takes a few bucks off if you pay with cash.

  4. I've never been to Sports Card Depot. I used to schlep out to baseball card outlet on Eastern but now that I'm living closer to Elicott it doesn't make sense to go out there. I'll have to try it out just because I'm always looking for a good hobby shop experience.

    Thanks for the advice on dropping some dollars for cash...should I name drop so that he knows to show you some appreciation next time?