Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mo' Trades, Mo' O's

Sometime last week (or the week before that, my memory is stil all Turked-up), Ryans's Memorabilia posted a want list for 2009 Finest. I just happened to have 24 base cards off of their want list, and sent them off sometime last week.

In return, I got a boatload of Orioles, and a few Finest refractors. I've scanned a few, but this is just a sampling of the Orioles goodness the Ryans sent my way.

I got this Brian Roberts regular refractor:

and this Justin Upton Gold one. Justin is clearly the Upton I should have drafted in my fantasy league. Instead, I am stuck with his bro.

As well as this sweet 2006 Turkey Red Brian Roberts jersey relic:

And finally, this 2007 Fleer Ultra Nick Markakis, which is a new one for the player collection.

Thanks Ryan's Memorabilia, and good luck with your Finest set!

Finally, we have the last card purchased during my celebratory eBay shopping spree. Celebrating finding a job by blowing tons of cash on eBay is NOT advisable, but I got some awesome cards out of it. Check out my 2008 Topps Heritage refractor of Adam Jones:

All in all, some awesome Orioles cards. I really like trading now even more than when I was a kid! If you've got some Orioles cards you want to unload, don't hesitate to drop me an email.

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