Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Attention 2008 Allen & Ginter Set Builders!

Now that I have finished building this base set, I've got about 1200 doubles that I'd like to unload so some space can be freed up for the 2009 release. If you have a want list, I've definitely got some cards to help shorten it up. Hell, I've probably even got a couple of starter sets, if you're interested in starting the 2008 quest. Yes, I've got some of those pesky short prints as well.

All I ask in return is a couple of Orioles cards for my team collection. Drop me a comment, or send an email if you're interested. If you don't have any O's cards, send me an email anyway. I need to get rid of at least half of what I've got.

If you're unfamiliar with A&G (who is unfamiliar w/ A&G?) they really are some nice looking cards, very old timey, and classical like. Please help me free up some space so I have somewhere to put the '09 release when it comes out in a couple weeks!


  1. Hold those minis you listed for me and I will BLOW YOUR ORIOLES LOVIN' MIND!!!

  2. You got it dude! (in my best Olsen twin voice)

  3. I'm looking for a few more minis too - if you happen to have any of the following:
    Ancient Icons: #6, 17, 18
    Team Orange: #1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10
    Regular Minis: #6, 177, 221, 250, 300, 308, 346, 350

  4. I'll take a look in the next couple of days, and see what I can find for you. I'm sending PRP about 65 minis, but I've still got a sizeable stash left.

  5. I just sent you an email. Hopefully you can help me put this accursed set to rest!

  6. Hey Beardy, did you find #83 and # 312 by any chance?

  7. Ryan,

    I've got #312 for you. Mark should be mailing it at some point.

    -Chris @ SacBunt