Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catching Up On New Additions

Hi my name is beardy, and I am an eBayaholic. I have a problem, have acknowledged it, and am attempting to quit "cold turkey", at least for a while. Most of these are player collection additions, which means you're in for a large dose of Nick Markakis. Deal with it!

First up is a 2007 Topps Turkey Red Cabinet Card #TR-NM. While I love this card, and it's really cool, now I've got to figure out how to store it. There are giant top loaders out there, I've just got to take my lazy behind out and buy one. This card would look awesome with an in-person auto signed in silver Sharpie, and I think that's just what I'll try to do with it at some point. After that, it will be framed, and hung above my imaginary mantle, which rests above my imaginary fireplace.
It's tough to gauge the size of these things via scans, so here it is with a regular sized card, for comparisons sake. Everyone does this to stress the sheer size of these things, so I figured why not.

Next up is the only non-Markakis card you'll see tonight. I picked it up to save on shipping. It was being auctioned off by the same seller as the Markakis cabinet card. I was the only bidder, and won it for a dollar. It's going to Night Owl, who I hope will appreciate it. He has twice sent me cards that I had managed to acquire elsewhere while his were en-route, without my knowledge, so hopefully he'll accept this as a reward for my impatience.

2009 Topps #CBR-MK Matt Kemp "Career Best" Jersey
. They gray wool swatch must be from some sort of throwback jersey. I think it's cool.

Speaking of Matt Kemp... next up is my first, and only dual auto. When I won it, I was hoping that it was in fact hard-signed, as it had appeared on the scan. I've been burned by scan appearances before, but not this time. This card is truly awesome, and is the 3rd hard-signed Markakis autograph in the collection. No Night Owl, this one is not for you.
2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic #CD-MK Chirography Dual Signature

2009 Topps Silk Collection Nick Markakis
. This is the second Topps flagship silk card of Markakis I own, the first is from 2008, and I'm still not sure how I feel about them. The funkiness in the background is from my scanner bed.

Finally, we have this bad boy: 2008 Topps Triple Threads TTRC-31
Gellman isn't going to like this, but I freakin' love it! While I agree that some Triple Turds cards are just plain ugly, and stupid, this is not one of them. This card makes perfect sense, and is quite nice looking in my opinion. I've said before that I would NEVER purchase a box of this stuff, but for some reason I can't resist picking up cards for my Orioles collection. They come fairly cheaply on eBay, which further proves that this product is an utter failure, from a value standpoint. One thing that does suck about this cards is the disclaimer on the back. "The relics contained on this card are not from any specific game, event, or season". This makes me think that they are probably manufactured, and not authentic by any means. That still doesn't make me love this card any less!

In the next few days you can expect some well overdue trade posts. I've got some O's from Night Owl, and an incredible trade package from reader Mike, who responded to my Ginter post. I sent him 86 cards off of his Ginter want list, and in return got a package full of INCREDIBLE Orioles cards, including several autographs. If anyone else needs any '08 A&G, I've still got a ton of doubles to unload.

Oh, BTW, this is post #100!! Took me a little under 2 months to get there. Not too shabby for a freakin' amateur.

And one last thing: HOW BOUT DEM O'S HON?!?!


  1. That's OK, I already got a Kemp auto from some Orioles fan. Oh, that's right, that was you.

    Any and all Kemps are appreciated. That's an interesting one. I don't remember L.A. doing the throwback thing recently, but my memory is really beginning to suck, so what do I know.

  2. Hey Beardy, do you happen to have an extra 08 A&G Vermont state card (Daric Barton)?

    - Mark

  3. beardy, re the matt kemp career best card: running hard with tongue out maybe not a good idea; and that jersey bit is extra cool...seems vintagey.

  4. I want Beardy to say hi to his mother for me...and his step-mother!