Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Got My Mojo Workin'

Last week, in a trade with one of my awesome readers, I was sent a 2008 Allen & Ginter Nick Markakis autograph. I'm sure you remember reading about this, it was just last week. Anyway, in that post I mentioned that the card was on it's way to The Mojo Hand. Jay is a fellow Markakis collector, and sounded pretty excited about the Ginter autograph. He also received the Kurt Suzuki short print that I pulled during the Turk-Off.

Well, what I got back in return is both generous, and awesome. Let's check it out, shall we:
2008 Topps 2008 Highlights Nick Markakis autograph. I'll be honest here, these are not the nicest looking autograph cards out there. The design is pretty bland, and just about everyone hates sticker autographs. That being said, I am a Nick Markakis collector, and this is a new auto for my collection, which makes me happy. This card is highlighting Nick's ability to get on base. Last season it was very true, but unfortunately he's in a bit of a slump right now.

2008 Topps 2007 Highlights Nick Markakis autograph. This is where the generosity part comes in. 2 Markakis autographs in exchange for one Markakis autograph hardly seems fair. Thank you VERY much Mojo! Being able to add 2 more certified autos to my player collection is awesome. This card highlights Nick's 100 RBI season in 2007, and refers to him as a "prodigy". He's a fire starter all right, twisted fire starter.

2008 Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary Nick Markakis copper refractor. This now gives me the base, chrome, blue refractor and copper refractor flavors of this card. The old school star rookie cup is pretty rad, and this is another sweet card from Mojo.
HELL YEAH! As I am typing this, the O's just came back from a 9-run deficit. My boy Nick the Stick just hit a 2-RBI double to drive in the tying and go ahead runs... AGAINST PAPELBON! Incredible! Let's hope Sherrill can come out and pick up a drama free save.

2007 Topps Chrome Nick Markakis refractor
. This gives me the base, chrome, regular refractor and white refractor versions of this card.
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Jim Palmer "Blue Steel" framed parallel #5/5. This is not part of the trade. Would you believe Mojo actually GAVE this card away! All I had to do was be the first Birds fan to email him... and I was. This is a really nice looking card, much like most Masterpieces cards are, and it was extremely generous of Mojo to just up and give this card away.

Sherrill is on now for the O's, and promptly gave up a leadoff single. I should probably stop with the blogging, and commence with the watching. Thanks for the great cards Mojo, it's always a pleasure trading with you.


  1. I like the Palmer. Masterpieces cards are sweet.

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