Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where You Been Man?

Where have I been? I've been around. Haven't posted in 3 days, and there are a multitude of reasons for that, none of which involve me not getting new cards. There's plenty to discuss and show off, I just haven't scanned any of it yet.

Baseball is also the furthest thing from my mind right now. The Orioles season has been over since July, and I just can't take watching any more losses this year. Baltimore is about to lose it's 100th game, and I for one, certainly want no part of that. Nope. None. The energy and attention that was going towards my pursuit of baseball has instead been transferred to football, and I couldn't be more pumped to watch the Ravens-Browns game today.

There was a lot of radio beef between Cleveland and Baltimore this week, which popped off when douchebag "conservative" Cleveland radio personality Bob Frantz, of WTAM, decided to name the top 10 reasons why Baltimore sucks, which can be seen HERE. Trust me pal, Baltimore is well aware of the reasons why it sucks. The last thing we need is to have it pointed out to us by someone from the middle of fucking nowhere Ohio. Cleveland, seriously? The only good things about Cleveland are it's bloggers (you know who you are). Baltimore does not need to be trashed by some dude from a septic tank of a city on Lake Erie. That's like, not even the biggest Great Lake. There are bigger. I don't even see what's so "Great" about Lake Erie.

Anyway, all of this has only furthered the deterioration of the relationship between Baltimore, and Cincinnati Jr. You see, even though we had a football team stolen from us in the early 80s, all anyone in Cleveland talks about is how we stole their precious Browns. Get over it! It happens. You have your Browns back now, and they're worse than ever! We turned your ex team into champions in less than 5 seasons, which is quite the accomplishment when you take into consideration just how bad they were in Cleveland. Nice try guys!

That's enough hate mongering for now. I plan to post a lot in the next few days, and have a lot of trades to catch up on. I also had my first negative trading experience, but that's a story that will never truly be told. There's no reason to tell it at this point, especially because the very next day what could be one of my very best trades ever was hashed out, and with a little luck, I'll be able to post the results in a week or 2.

The aforementioned "negative trading experience" was another factor in there being 3 days of silence on this blog. I was a little bummed out and pissed off. It started to make me question why I even bother collecting, since my reasons sometimes seem so drastically different then those of a trade partner. Luckily, introspect is a pet peeve of mine, and all thoughts of this nature were quickly brushed aside. I do this because it makes me happy, and because I want to make other people happy. It's not about personal or financial gain, and never will be.

Enjoy your football Sunday everybody, and GO RAVENS!


  1. I don't watch football anyway! I don't mind it once in a while,but mostly,I could care less.Speaking of trades, I still need your address. I was just sorting out some Brow..err Birds last night to send you.

  2. hahaha I love the Browns. But Cleveland is kind a of a shit hole. They have no real business calling any other city shitty (except, just maybe, Buffalo and/or Detroiot)

  3. Hey Buffalo Is Not Shitty.

    Its Cold And Shitty.

    If your going to call a city shitty at least do the a good job at it.



    There is a better home for that Either auto. Thanks though.


  4. As you know, I'm a lifelong Clevelandite. Someone from Cleveland (especially the heaping bag of dung you mention) ripping on Baltimore is beyond ridiculous. It's like John Candy ripping on Chris Farley for being fat (or dead, for that matter).

    I'd defend Cleveland little bit more if you weren't completely accurate.

    As for the Browns/Ravens game: Please, for the love of God, have mercy. We've suffered enough. At least let us look like we've seen a footable before.

    Finally, I got your package. Sweet, dude. Expect a post sometime in the next month or 2 (or 6).

  5. B,
    We love you dude..... I thing you need a hug, So if your ever in WPB look me Dude i put that in the mail today so you should be getting it this week!! Keep your head up...

  6. I got the Giants cards. Thanks a bunch -- a blog entry is forthcoming. :)

  7. Yes it sucks......Lake Erie does suck.