Thursday, September 3, 2009


Progress hath been made, but there is still a long way to go.

Perhaps a better name for this insert set would have been "Creatures of Myth, Legend, OR Terror", since there are very few of them that actually have all 3 in common. What's terrifying about unicorns? Or a Sphinx?

Despite this oversight in naming convention, these are still some damn nice looking cards, even if they are of total nonsense. There are still 7 of these on my Ginter want list, and the Yeti is public enemy numero uno. If you happen to have any that aren't pictured here, I am very interested in trading for them.


  1. I've got a cyclops for you... (That sounds wrong. So wrong.) It is yours if you need it. Let me know.

  2. You know how horses come up and kind of push their heads towards you so you can scratch their noses?

    Think of the carnage if a unicorn does that. Terrifying.

  3. looking good Beardy, hope you finish it off!

  4. The Sphinx is a creature of myth and terror. It stood guard over a road that had little alternatives and asked you one riddle. If you answered the riddle, you got to pass. If you did not, the Sphinx would tear you limb from limb then eat you. Thousands of people died in this way....until the riddle was solved. At which point, the sphinx killed itself in despair for being denied a tasty meal.

    The Cerberus is available for trade by the way. Do you have any creature doubles?

  5. I've opened 8 boxes and have only pulled 3 of those cards. Must be a tough pull.

  6. i like these cards. good luck. i haven't opened a single AG pack, so i have nothing to offer.


  7. If you want to trade some older A&G let me know.

    I need a few odds - Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building minis.

    While you are at it - check out my blog.


  8. Hi, I like your blog.

    I got the Leviathan mini last week (LMT11).
    I'd be more than happy to send it your way.
    Shoot me a line if you'd like & it's yours.

  9. Beardy, I need to go through your entire want list. I plunged unto A&G even though I said I wouldn't Yeah I knew it was stupid of me to even think I could get away grom A&G so 3 blasters couple of loose packs ( which IV'e found 2 Bazooka backs and 4 NNO Mini's) ? Hamd numered /25 and /50 of course and two Hobby boxes with no NNO or bazooka backs? are they all in retail? As far as these ones I have leviathan and Grendal. These are really sweet looking cards I agree. I'm organizing my A&G today so I'll get back to you if I have anything else you need. Is it just me or are the crack the code paralells a lot harder to pull then what the odds state? Iv'e only pulled 6 total out of the two hobby boxes and 3 blasters. Grant