Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What A Kitty Cat Will Get You...

Or how I traded my Cat Osterman autograph and what I got in return.

So I traded a card that I don't even physically own yet. I pulled a Cat Osterman framed auto redemption from one of the Allen & Ginter boxes I broke back in July. At the time I thought it was a good pull, but didn't think it was as great as some other people did. THe card was immediately redeemed, and is scheduled to arrive sometime in late October (so really February). Since that time I have had no less than 10 inquiries into whether or not it is for trade, and what I would be looking for in return.

Well, after quite a few weeks of negotiations, the card has been traded to self-confessed Kitty Cat freak, The Mojo Hand, and what I get in return arrived earlier this week. We agreed to trade a few cards, so this was all part of a larger deal. I sent Mojo 2 Ginter autos, the aforementioned Cat Osterman, and a Clayton Kershaw, which can be seen here. There were a few other cards thrown in there, but that was the main part of this trade.

In return, Mojo also sent me 2 autos.

2009 Upper Deck Icons Future Foundations Nick Markakis autograph

2008 Upper Deck Mystery Cut Hank Stram cut autograph

and a much needed Creature of Myth, Legend & Terror.

I'm very happy to have a Hank Stram cut autograph. He is a legendary Super Bowl winning coach (Super Bowl IV), and was also one of the men responsible for the popularity of one of my favorite beverages, Gatorade. Everybody always seems to knock cut signatures from checks, but I don't have a problem with it. I'd rather they destroy that, than a letter or contract or other document that may be of possible historical importance. Oh, and Mr. Stram is also sadly deceased, so his signature is bound to dry up at some point. It's probably already one of the best cards in my entire collection.

The ability to acquire a new Markakis autograph was another big thing for me in this deal. It's one that doesn't book for very much, and can be had on eBay for around $10, but none of that matters to me. Markakis is my player, and I didn't have this card. The scan does it absolutely zero justice. The foil finish looks a lot better in person.

Leviathan put my Creatures of Myth, Legend & Terror quest at 10 cards out of 20. There's light at the end of the tunnel, but something tells me those last 10 are going to be a real pain to track down.


  1. Nice cards. It would be hard to give up the Cat auto, though. She's lean, mean, and not to far in between.

    Right now this looks like an even trade. We probably won't be able to really evaluate it for about 3 years.

  2. I think the key here is the ATBNL. (auto to be named later)
    When we find out who that is, the true winner of the trade will really be evident.

    btw, that Stram is SWEEEET!

  3. Nice cards Beardy!!! Should you pull another Kitty Cat, please keep me in mind!

  4. I agree about the Hank Starm auto. At least you have a nice one. I received a baseball signed in pink marker, early 80's marker at that, as a gift a few years back.
    People raise an eyebrow when they see it.

  5. One of the Creature cards you need was shipped today.

  6. Great trade. I also like the cut autos from checks and this one has me ebaying Hank Stram so thanks for that.