Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cards from darkship

This is yet another post dedicated to the awesome cards that find there way to through this blog. Reader darkship emailed me out of the blue a couple of weeks ago and said he had some cards to send my way. I recognized the handle, from various group breaks, and sent him my information.

What showed up over the weekend completely blew me away, and I've been searching for some sweet Royals cards ever since, to send in return. Included in this package were a whopping 3 autographs, and a patch card #'d to 5!

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #168 Luke Scott charcoal autograph
My first Luke Scott auto. This guy has pretty quietly put together a decent season, and leads the O's in home runs. I like Luke Scott, and hopefully they can find a place for him next season.

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #15 Brian Roberts purple patch
Wow, just wow. This is the 3rd or 4th Brian Roberts patch I've acquired via trade. There are more patches of his in my collection than any other player. This one is a beaut, featuring 3 color breaks, and actually matches the jersey worn in the photo. Amazing!

2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic #SP-RR Ray Rice autograph

This is my first Ray Rice autograph, and I love it. He's on my fantasy squad this season, and appears in line to get a lot more action in his second full season. Ray Rice is a quick, shifty little runner with great moves, and the rest of the league should consider themselves on notice.

2008 Masterpieces #SG-JG Jeremy Guthrie Stroke of Genius autograph
Another great card. These Masterpieces autos have to be amongst the nicest ever produced. Guthrie also has a great signature. He may be an ace by association in Baltimore, but Guts can pitch, and I think would make an excellent 2nd or 3rd starter almost anywhere.

2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic RA-8 Joe Flacco "event worn" jersey

Joe the quarterback has looked much improved this season, and is already beloved here in Baltimore, despite this being just his second season. Unless you're from Baltimore, or follow it's sports news closely, you've probably got no idea how bad we longed for a decent QB in this town. Our collective prayers look to have been answered. Have you seen who's #1 in this week's power rankings?

2009 Topps #LPR-49 Cal Ripken Jr. manu-patch
How many of these things did they make for each player? I am way too lazy to actually look it up, but this is the 3rd different Cal Jr. that I've got in the collection.

Once again, awesome cards, and far more than I ever expect anyone to ever send me. Why this keeps happening to me, I don't know. It's inspired me to give back, so the first 3 people to comment on this post, who are also followers of this blog, will receive a few choice cards fromt their favorite team or player.

darkship, thanks a lot for the great cards, and be on the lookout for a package of Bo Jackson-ey goodness to arrive sometime later this week.


  1. oh yeah!!! Thanks B!

  2. You definitely have some great readers out there. Those cards are fantastic!

  3. Lucky number 3! Awesome cards!