Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gettysburg Grab Bag Pt. 1

There are a ton of antique stores in the town of Gettysburg, and quite a few of them sell cards. I did all of my damage at one store, which seemed to have no less than 3 separate collections for sale.

I picked up a few individual cards, which I will share first, but I also grabbed a "grab bag" of cards. The front promised $100 in BV for $10. I don't really care what they're worth, but was curious as to the contents of these mysterious bags.

But first, here's the individual purchases:

1956 Topps Presidents Benjamin Harrison
Thid card is in really good shape! Harrison was our 23rd President, but for some reason this is card #26?

1956 Topps Presidents James K. Polk

This is my second "Naoplean of the Stump" card, and by far the coolest. He was our 11th President, but is card #14. I guess everyone is 3 off. I wonder what cards 1 & 2 are? Checklists maybe?

1956 Topps Chester A. Arthur

Chet Arthur has some kick ass sideburns, and don't let anybody ever tell you different. He is the final President card I purchased, but he's just as cool as the first 2. I love the backgrounds on these cards!

1968 Topps Don Buford

Don's scowl is scaring the children. I've got no idea why he's so pissed, he's playing for a great team.

1968 Topps Bill Dillman

Nothing too special about this one, just an old Orioles card that I didn't already have. I do wonder what Dillman may have been saying. Was he asking if his pose looked stupid? The answer to that question is always yes, but it doesn't make me like a card any less. Case in point with Mr. Dillman here.

1972 Topps Bubba Smith
I don't really collect football cards. I'd like to maybe start, but spend enough on baseball already. The design of these cards is what appealed to me. Topps really killed it with this one, and somehow even the pink works.

1972 Topps Tom Matte

My father used to own a concrete and masonry business in Baltimore. He built Tom Matte a chimney. Apparently he's an absolute laugh riot. I really like this card. I really like all of these cards. Gettysburg has good cards.

Not too bad for a little over $10 combined for all 7. The President cards were a few buck apiece, and everything else was $.50.

Now on to the grab bag. There's a lot of cool stuff in here. So much cool stuff that I'm going to break it down for you in separate posts, each one featuring a few cards.

2000 Pacific Royal Rookies Ken Griffey Jr. Limited Edition
Not the last Griffey card in this grab bag, but that is a whole other post entirely. I wonder how "Limited" this edition is? That's not the greatest picture of Griffey either, as you can only see part of his face, and all of his backside.

1982 Topps Shooty Babitt
This guy's name is awesome, and the colors on this card are too! Pink and green? They sure look fantastic together. This was Shooty's only season in the majors, and he finished 5th in Rookie of the Year voting.

1996 Pinnacle Select Certified Edition Randy Johnson
The "Big Unit" back when he was still embarrassing fools. Johnson could and still can flat out pitch. Seeing him in his old Mariners uniform, where he was truly dominant, takes me back man.

1997 Fleer E-X2000 Mo Vaughn

The backround of this card is like stained glass almost. The light swatch in the middle is the background of my scanner bed. There's slots to scan negatives on either side, where it's darker. The scan does not do this card justice. This is a neat looking card, and an excellent idea. It almost reminds me of the Beam Team autos from last year's Stadium Club.

1985 Topps Joe Carter

I guess this is his Topps rookie (maybe?), since his true rookie is '84 Donruss. He should be a Hall of Famer some day, and it's cool to see him in a Tribe uniform. I always remember him best as a Toronto Blue Jay.

1986 Topps Joe Carter

Another nice Carter card. We've already discussed today that '86 Topps was the first set I ever collected, so they all have value to me, even if it's mainly sentimental.

1994 Bowman's Best Roger Clemens

This is a cool card, even if it is of an accused cheater. Clemens looks a lot like my crazy aunt. The only real difference is that he's a better pitcher. No idea who the other dude on this card is. I'm sure he's some washout prospect.

So there you have it, part 1 of the Gettysburg grab bag. It's been pretty good so far, and there's still some great cards to come.


  1. Fookin' Shooty just made my night!

  2. The president cards are beautiful. The modern Chester A Arthur (American Heritage) doesn't compare. The backgrounds, wow.

  3. Scott Ruffcorn, of the Austin (Texas) Ruffcorns, pitched in five seasons. He didn't win any games but did lose eight of them. With an ERA of 8.57. I don't know if it really could be considered "Bowman's BEST".

  4. this is the second blog in two days to feature Shooty Babbitt... odd...

    and i've said it before, and Scratcher agreed with me... Polk was a pussy

  5. Regarding the 1956 Topps President cards...

    The White House was #7 in the set. And for Topps' 1956 Baseball Card Set they featured AL President Will Harridge on card #1 and NL President Warren Giles on card #2.

    Maybe that's the three cards to set off the numbering scheme.

  6. First time I've ever seen those '56 President cards. What a cool looking set!

  7. Forget the presidents, I love that Bubba Smith card. That and the EX-2000 Vaughn.

  8. Finally found a checklist for the US President set.

  9. That has got to be some kind of perfect storm: Shooty Babitt and Scott Ruffcorn? You just can make those names up, and they're in the same grab bag? Inconceivable!

    Since Eisenhower brings up the rear of this set, I'd like to see a 1956 Topps Presidents "update" set; Kennedy through Obama. It ought to have the same painted set look, dimensions, and design as these. And then naturally, make a Chrome remake of all of them.