Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 in 30 - Random O's Binder

Keeping with the great tradition started yesterday by Dinged Corners, I present to thee... 6 in 30 from the random O's binder.

1978 Topps #188 Al Bumbry
There's no reason not to like this card. Bumbry got style, and a great smile to boot. Plus I like late 70's Topps. When I was a kid, they were considered "really old" and I only had a few of them. Bumbry looks like he's having fun, and that's what baseball should be about.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #8 Jim Palmer
Just a beautiful card and a wonderful pose. Masterpieces was a nice set, and I for one am sad to see it go. Would this card really look any worse without the MLB logos on it? I think not!

1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated #41 Greats of the Game Earl Weaver
A hilarious guy doing what he did best. There is nothing finer than seeing managers argue. Earl was the finest in his day. Think of him as a cross between Lou Pinella and Bobby Cox. He might have had more of a temper than both of them. I sure hope he throws something this time.

1989 Fleer Orioles Sticker
This card reminds me of my childhood. This was the first Orioles logo I knew, and it's the one I still prefer. That might just be nostalgia talking, but either way this logo is awesome.

1986 Topps #55 Fred Lynn
Another great Orioles smile. 1986 Topps were the first cards I ever laid eyes on, and to this day still rank amongst my favorite sets of all time. That is also a kick-ass hat Mr. Lynn is sporting.

2009 Topps Heritage #226 Dave Trembley
2 managers in my 6 cards. I like managers. This guy is great, and his press conferences are hilarious. However, I no longer think he's the right guy to lead my Orioles. It's not that he's no good at his job, it's just that the team does not play with much discipline, and it's cost them games this year. You're only as good as the hand you're dealt, and Trembley was dealt a pair of 5's. He never went all in, rather his chip stack was slowly whittled away, and I speculate this season will be his last, sadly.


  1. It's funny that the Orioles don't play with much discipline, because Trembley was always known as the discipline guy all those years in the minors. I don't think he'll be around after this year, either, which is too bad, because he's a great guy.

  2. And Dave is a great signer, I swear he walks down the right field line before every single home game.

  3. I remember seeing film of Earl Weaver while he was miked up during a game. Was that the World Series?