Saturday, September 5, 2009

2010 Famous Fabrics Preview

While trolling Blowout Cards this morning, checking out the weekend specials, I stumbled across a pre-order release that I'd never seen nor heard of before. The set is called Famous Fabrics, and is distributed by Creative Cardboard Concepts. I read somewhere that CCC was affiliated with In The Game, but their website mentions nothing about it, and I don't want to dole out false information, so please don't quote me on that.

Famous Fabrics is a multi-sport set featuring authentic memorabilia & cut signatures of the sporting world's finest athletes. No card is numbered to higher than 10 copies, 9 of which will be silver, with the last one being gold.

Franchises Rookie of the Year, USA, Forever Linked, Decades, Champions, Quad Memorabilia, For Your Country, Greatest Rivalry, Gloves Are Off, Solid Footing, Dynamic Duos and many, many more.

PRICE: Currently pre-selling at $74.99

One of the nicer things about this release in my opinion is the fact that it is apparently limited to a 40 case production run, with 10 boxes to a case, and with each box containing 1 pack and 1 card, there will only be 4,000 total cards produced (if my math is right... I ain't no mathamagician)

As of now, this release is scheduled for early 2010, and you can find more information HERE, HERE and HERE


*All images courtesy of Creative Cardboard Concepts website*


  1. Would be a better product if they had a contract to show player likenesses.

    Though, I bet it won't stop the Wagner cut from going for an insane amount.

  2. by the looks of the cards themselves... yeah, that's In The Game alright