Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Redemption Day

Yesterday, along with a few trades, I received 2 redemptions in the mail. I must say, both companies were quite speedy about getting these cards delivered once they were redeemed, and I commend them for their promptness.

The first envelope was from Upper Deck. They sent me this card:

2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Eider Torres Sweet Beginnings autograph
Pretty nice looking card, and the auto is hard-signed. Too bad it's of a scrub, but at least it's an Orioles scrub.

Upper Deck snuck something else inside the envelope as well. It's pretty cool, so thank you Upper Deck.

Despite looking at a few unimpressive box breaks today, I was still pretty excited to see this ad. I appreciate the old-timey stylings that Goodwin has to offer, and am psyched to bust a box tomorrow. According to the UPS package tracker thingy, my box is spending the night in Laurel, MD before making to my doorstep sometime tomorrow.

This next redemption is truly special. It comes from slangon of the most excellent Condition: Poor. A few weeks ago we completed a trade, which can be seen here. I was lucky enough to receive a redemption for a 1 of 1 Slangko Heroes of the Diamond card, and yesterday it arrived.

2009 Slangko Heroes of the Diamond John McGraw 1/1
This is a hand painted mini card, and it looks incredible! The scan is a little bigger, so you can get an idea of the artistry involved here by seeing some of the detail. I'm reading a book about McGraw currently (I've been reading it for a while now), and from what I've read about him, he was a true legend and one of the first "sparkplug" type of players, who played all out at all times. I've been wanting a card of his forever, and now I've got one that no one else ever will.

The back is nice too, and you can plainly see the numbering. I feel honored to have even received this card. It's right up there amongst the coolest of things anyone has ever sent me.

Redemption day indeed, and a good one it was.