Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuff From the Mother of Scratchers

You've seen this post before, most likely a day or two ago on someone else's blog. It's always the same story with Motherscratcher, of the fabulous Achiever Card Blog, home of the Big Lebowski Card Fest, he sends an envelope chock full of primo early 90's wax packs. You know the sort, Fleer Ultra, O.G. Stadium Club, Pacific, all the stuff I used to waste my allowance on at the time. I got about the same mix of packs that everyone else has been reporting, and enjoyed ripping them just as much.

Below you will find some of my favorites from this random mix of junk waxiness:

1992 Stadium Club #150 George Brett

Who didn't love George Brett? Pine tar be damned!

1993 Pinnacle #267 Torii Hunter rookie card

I didn't realize Torii was so old. He was electric in his day, and this is a pretty sweet pull from a pack of what is considered "junk wax".

Naturally, there were some O's pulled from the 10 or so packs that Motherscratcher sent along. Here are most, if not all of them:

1995 Fleer #2 Harold Baines

This guy was an awesome DH, and I miss him. Harold was just elected to the Orioles Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago. He deserves it, and it's nice to see him get the recognition he deserves. Arguably, this guy is the best DH of all time.

1994 #39 Pacific Sherman Obando

I have absolutely zero recognition for Bi Sherm here. Who the hell is Sherman Obando?

1995 Topps #137 Chris Sabo

I hardly recognized him without the goggles. Call me crazy, but I always sort of liked Chris Sabo, even before he was an Oriole.

Most of the cards however, were not Orioles, so without further ado, back to more cards that are not Baltimore-centric.

1995 Fleer #89 Joe Carter
I've randomly gotten a lot of Joe Carter cards lately. There's nothing wrong with that.

1994 Pacific #128 Bo Jackson

I used to collect Bo Jackson cards when I was a kid. He was the bees knees back in my day, and would have been amongst the greatest had he been able to play out his career without injury.

1996 Topps Cyberstats #135 Junior Feliz
This card looks much different than any other '95 Topps card I've ever pulled. It's sort of shiny, with a rainbow effect, while also looking metallic. Does anyone know what I've got here? I'll bet it's probably some one per pack insert, but I've never seen one before, and thus have no earthly idea.

1994 Pacific #217 Kirk Gibson
Another of my childhood favorites. His homer in the '88 World Series gives me the chills whenever I hear it.

So that does it for the wax packs, but there was more to this card package, much more. Motherscratcher was nice enough to send over some '09 Ginter needs, which at this point, are just short prints. Here are 2, including my favorite card in the entire set.

#319 Old Faithful
If you read this blog, you know I've been to Yellowstone, and that it holds a special place in my heart. The colors on this card are incredible! A lot of people have boo-hooed the Ginter cards of landmarks.... to those people I say: eat me.

#305 Javier Vasquez
Yeah, I don't have anything to say about Javier Vasquez.

#AGA-BK Burke Kenny autograph
I already had this card. Who cares, I love Burke Kenny, and now own 2 out of the 240 copies of this card. Only 238 to go!

Thanks for the great cards dude! If anyone hasn't been to the Achiever Card Blog, go there now, and check out the Big Lebowski Card Fest. Don't be a jerk. I took the time out of my day to post those links, so just click them.

On a side note, I met Rick Dempsey at the Orioles game last night. We managed to score free club level seats, and the Demper was just hanging out up there, shaking people's hands.


  1. I'll admit that I don't have any of the Cyberstats cards, so I can't comment on whether that is a parallel within Cyberstats or a regular card. HOWEVER, the Cyberstats cards were a set in and of themselves wherein all of the player's 1994 statistics were projected out as though the 1994 strike never occurred. So, it is entirely possible that they chrominess of the card is just how those cards were, further differentiating them from the regular base set. Just a thought.

  2. That's a regular cyber stats card. I used to collect 1995 Topps (it was the only set I ever almost completed) and that's par for the course. Sadly I sold the half finished set for like $5. But the cyber stats were pretty sweet.

  3. i think the cyber stats cards were included in the factory set. you got like 10 or 20 or 30 of them with the set. the best ones were the matt williams, frank thomas, and griffey as they were projected to come close to 61 homers.

  4. I don't know if I've seen a cyberstat card before. The best thing about it is it's Junior Felix.

    That is, Super Duper Star Junior Felix. It must be worth a fortune.

    Now the Bo Jackson...that's legitimately awesome, as all Bo cards are.