Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009 TriStar Obak Box Break Part 1: Base Set

Today I was lucky enough to break a box of 2009 TriStar Obak. These cards are modeled after the old T212 Obak tobacco cards, and I must say, they look rather stunning. This purchase was a moment of weakness over this weekend past. Blowout Cards was running a pretty good special on them, and even though it was a good dealer, there was still a certain amount of buyer's remorse involved. I must say that what I received in return made me feel like it was almost worth it. The artwork for this release is very nice, and they do the whole retro old-timey thing quite well. I didn't quite get the "9 hits" promised on the front, I did get 2 autographs and a few numbered parallels, along with 20 beautiful minis, and base cards of minor leageurs present & past, including some legends.

I'll break down this box over a few posts, but here are some base cards as a starting point.

#100 Barack Obama & #41 Ted Williams
Obama is a lefty and so am I. Ted Williams isn't.

#37 Nolan Ryan & #32 Dale Murphy
I really dig the black & white with the colorful backgrounds.

#16 Tommy Hanson & #6 Brian Matusz

Talk about some young pitching studs!

#38 Ryne Sandberg & #23 Buster Posey

Sandberg's hat is awesome.

#66 Jim Rice & #98 Bo Jackson

If you don't love Bo Jackson cards, please go read someone else's blog. I don't even want you as a reader any longer. Seriously, you disgust me. Please go now.

Here is what the back of a regular base card looks like:
There were 2 Obama cards in this box. At first glance I thought they were doubles, but the noticed that the back of one of them looks like this:
Must be a short print or something?

Up next: More base cards, and some parallels
Beyond that: More parallels and 2 autographs


  1. Tommy Hanson and Dale Murphy in the same box. Sweet.

  2. Dude check out my blog not only did you win the 8x10 but i picked up some goodies you might like....

  3. I love the background artwork on these cards, expecially the Williams. I'm going to have to look at picking up the Red Sox out of this set.