Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Newest Markakis Addition

Picked this bad boy up on eBay with some of the proceeds generated from the Goodwin Tiger relic sale.

2009 Bowman Chrome #179 orange refractor #01/25

What better color for a refractor of an Oriole star than orange? I hereby declare that all Oriole cards be orange refractors. It won't matter that they're numbered to 25, they're still Orioles cards, and no one will want them but me (and a handful of other equally awesome people who deserve it for loving a team that has been this bad for this long).

I figured out that the sweet spot on my scanner for optimal refractor scans is right smack dab in the middle.


  1. That is one AWESOME Markakis card!

  2. That is a sweet card. The only thing that would make it better is if it was Sizemore or Big League Choo.

  3. Orange refractors were invented for Orioles.

    I found that auction and I'm surprised the seller didn't mention in the title that it was #1/25. That normally carries a premium.

    Also, when will you learn to start sniping? It didn't cost you anything this time, but you increased the apparent high bid from 4.65 to 12.50 a good two hours before the end of the auction.