Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 TriStar Obak Box Break Part 2: Base Set & Parallels

There are a lot of cool base cards in this set, and for Obak being a minor league set, there is no shortness of recognizable names to be found. Here are a few more base cards "of note".

Moving right along then...

#19 Andrew McCuchen & #94 Harry & George Wright
Hey, wait a minute, that's not Orville & Wilbur.

#95 William Wrigley & #12 Gordon Beckham

Check out the gum guy. Isn't there a stadium named after him or something?

#20 Jesus Montero & #34 Satchel Paige

One of the few Satchmo cards I own. Paige was awesome, and who knows how many records he would hold, had he played in the majors during his prime.

#33 Stan Musial & #106 Brooks Robinson & Brian Matusz

Doesn't get much better than these 2 cards... 2 Hall of Famers, and a young pitching stud... who happens to be an Oriole.

#14 Madison Bumgarner & #99 William Howard Taft

Apparently, our 27th President was a big baseball fan, and took office in 1909, the year that the first Obak set was produced.

Enough base cards. Let's move on to some parallels. There's only going to be 2 featured in this post, but that only means there's more to come in posts to be written at a later date.

#42 Russell "Buzz" Arlett ad back variation SP #45/50

Pacific Coast League legend Buzz Arlett was often referred to as the "Babe Ruth of the Minor Leagues". He briefly spent some time with the Independent League Baltimore Orioles in the early '30's, which only makes me like this card more.

#82 William "Dummy" Hoy green parallel SP #10/25

I did not scan the back of this card, but fear not, for you shall see the backside of Obak's green parallels soon enough. I would hope that Hoy earned the nickname of "Dummy" based on the fact that he was deaf, and not based on the fact that he wan an individual of low intelligence. It still doesn't make much sense, since being "dumb" is usually associated with one who cannot speak, rather than one who cannot hear. Hoy's wikipedia entry goes on to explain that the 2 are unfairly, and incorrectly tied to each other, and that Hoy's nickname was in fact a misnomer.

Up next: More parallels and minis
Beyond that: 2 autographs & a box topper

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  1. Wow, these cards are awesome. I'd like to get a box or 2.

    Damn, I keep adding more and more stuff that I want to get. With the chromes live, more A&G, Goodwin coming (allegedly), and now this I'm spreading too thin.

    But these look great. I have to get some of this.