Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thoughts & Sox & More 1960 Topps

If you recall, last week I posted about a trade that went down between myself, and Adam of Thoughts & Sox. He had sent me a bunch of awesome 1960 Topps Orioles, and in exchange, I sent him a Big Papi autograph. Done deal right? WRONG! Early last week I checked the mail, and found another most excellent package from Thoughts & Sox. This one contained a card that at the time made what was a terrible day at work, truly awesome.

1960 Topps #12 Milt Pappas

1960 Topps #241 Albie Pearson

1960 Topps #399 Young Hill Stars- Pappas, Fisher & Walker

1960 Topps #290 Power Plus- Colavito & Francona
This might have been included by mistake. Adam, if you'd like this card back, let me know. If not, there's a Cleveland fan out there somewhere who will be receiving this card in the future. This card arrived prior to my Cleveland rant, otherwise, I'd take it personally.

1960 Topps #490 Frank Robinson
This card absolutely blew my mind. What's that you say? It's not an Orioles card? Um.... so freakin' what?!? It's a 1960 Topps Frank Robinson. Cincinnati Red or not, he's still probably my favorite player of all time.

Wow, just wow. Thanks a TON for the great cards Adam! I've got to be pretty close to having the whole 1960 team set by now, thanks to you. I know Brooks is still missing, but aside from that there can't be too many others. If you haven't checked out Thoughts & Sox yet, I suggest you do so right now. This man takes his Red Sox cards very seriously, and for good reason. This isn't 'Nam, there are rules here... man!


  1. I remember the Pappas and Pearson cards, I had them when I was 9 years old! Don't know about David,Motherscratcher or Cheap Seats. but I have the Colavito.And you're right,there were no rules in 'Nam.

  2. I will definately check that blog out. Sweet cards. I think you know which one was my favorite.

    And by the way, EVERY Frank Robinson card is an Orioles card. I don't care what uniform he's wearing.

    Oh yeah, thanks a lot for taking it easy on us sunday.