Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2009 Goodwin Champions Box Break Packs 1-10

After breaking my first box, I'm still not sure how to feel about this release. I had really high expectations to begin with, so that may be part of the reason for that. Goodwin Champions fell short of my lofty expectations, despite having excellent artwork, and an interesting non-baseball checklist. I'm going to wait until this entire break has been posted to give my full review, and will try to hold all opinions until then as well.

Now, here is the first half of my Goowin box:

Pack 1:

#76 Joe Mauer
#74 Gerry Lopez mini
#GCM-CY Carl Yastremski Memorabilia Series
#70 Chuck Liddell (Mixed Martial Arts)

Pack 2:
#63 Brian Roberts
#92 Dennis Eckersley
#247 Paul Maholm mini
#CC-9 Citizens of the Century Pope John Paul II
#94 Adrian Peterson

Pack 3:
#185 Josh Johnson
#39 Jay Bruce mini
#141 Bobby Orr black border mini
While not the back of this particular card, this is what all black bordered minis look like when flipped over. The Gypsy Queen logo is pretty cool.

Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #2236 Dems Win Control of Congress
#121 Dustin Pedroia

Pack 4:
#117 Carlos Zambrano
#167 Mark Zupan (Rugby)
#31 Hanley Ramirez mini
#46 Jim Thome back border mini
Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #2226 Brandon Webb

Pack 5:
#105 Evelyn Ng (Poker)
#76 Joe Mauer mini
#GCM-CW Chien-Ming Wang Memorabilia Series
#62 Yogi Berra

Pack 6:
#13 Bill Skowron
#184 Ken Griffey Sr.
#239 Carl Crawford mini
Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #2211 Dominique Wilkins
#116 Smarty Jones (Horse)

Pack 7:
#144 Cliff Lee
#84 Joe Lewis (Martial Artist)
#21 Ian Kinsler
#84 Joe Lewis mini (Martial Artist)
#148 David Price

Pack 8:
#48 Joe Carter
#192 Sparky Lyle
#101 Cal Ripken Jr. mini (sweet!)
Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #2231 US Population Reaches 300 Million
#15 Dick Allen

Pack 9:
#122 Jonathan Papelbon
#149 Ryan Ludwick
#11 Johnny Bench
#144 Bobby Jenks mini
#142 Zack Grienke

Pack 10:
#39 Jay Bruce
#65 Tiger Woods
#95 Alfonso Soriano
#223 Freddy Sanchez mini
#37 Whitey Ford

Well, halfway through, and 2 out of the 3 promised hits have been revealed. I'm pretty pleased with the Yastremski relic, even if it is a plain gray swatch. Gotta love it when the best card of the whole box is in the first pack!


  1. Leave it to an Orioles fan to pull a Red Sox Yaz Relic!

    Maybe when I get my cards next week I will pull that Brooks Robinson to even the score!

    Sweet looking Brian Roberts by the way. I think that I can be content with not completing this set and just chasing the best looking cards.

  2. Really? I think Roberts looks like he's been kickin it with Geovany Soto, if you catch my drift.

  3. I like your Wang. Har, har...

  4. There are some cool looking cards in there. The Zupan is neat (his autobiography is an excellent read), and something about the framing on the Johnny Bench makes it one of the coolest catcher cards I have seen in a while.

    I am hoping to pick up a box this weekend.

  5. That is a SWEET Ripken mini!

  6. I love the look of these cards, but I don't know if it is worth it to bust open a box. Between the minis (and the fact that packs with mini "hits" tend to have two minis) short prints, super short prints and those extremely annoying 20th Anniversary Cards it's going to make putting a set together ridiculous. I guess I'll just look for a base set on eBay or possibly just stick to singles.

    If I spent $4 and opened your pack #3, I would be beyond annoyed. Two minis and a 20th Anniversary card of politicians. I think this is the main reason why I've waited for prices to drop until I've purchased anything Upper Deck over the past few years.

  7. I feel your pain. The Pope?!?

    Anyway, that Price is sweet!!! If you'd be up for trading it, especially if you pull a Crawford, drop me a line!

  8. I think they all look pretty good and the Black Bordered look excelent. (except the Wang, seriously if you are going to paint a guy that is the wrong angle to do it from) (how about that same pose for a womens tennis player)

  9. I realize you are probably building the set, but is that #4 Bobby Orr available???

  10. OH! That Adrian Peterson card is awesome! All of the cards look really nice though. I think the Wang pose is the same as the one in A&G isn't it?

  11. Yaz is my second favorite player so that would be a nice pull and I like the look of the Bench card, even if it looks like he might be playing a game of catch with Mr. Ed out in a pasture.