Sunday, September 6, 2009


I just saw the pricing info for Topps Tribute.


$235.99/box for SIX packs of FIVE cards!

I guess this is how Topps is going to attract younger collectors (which they stated they were going to do once the news broke that they would have the only MLB license next year)

The cards do look great, and I'll most definitely at least be chasing a few singles. If you haven't seen them already, preview images can be seen at Wax Heaven. As you can see, they prominently feature Topps' world famous shiny foil sticker autographs. In my opinion, this is something a product of this "caliber" should not feature. All cards should hard signed, on card, all of the time. Save the sticker autos for low/mid end sets... PLEASE!

I'm not trying to be overly negative here, but given the current economic climate, and the declining state of the card industry, this does not seem like a responsible set to be releasing right now. Tribute will be even more expensive than the much maligned Triple Threads AND Sterling, which already sport price tags verging on the absurd.

Currently, Topps Tribute is scheduled for an early November release, just in time to capitalize on the holiday shopping feeding frenzy.

Does your wallet feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter yet?


  1. Wow. Nice autos...but yeah, I really doubt I'm ever going to afford even a single card of that.

  2. This is group break fodder for sure. It would have to be per card though. Per auto would make the break $60 per person.

  3. Yeah baby, do it for the children! This is totally the way to go. I know when I was a kid, that kind of price mine was right in my range.

    I'm assuming, however, that the price you quoted above is in Vietnamese Dong. I mean, $235 U.S. would be just plain nutty for 6 packs of cards. No way possible THAT is what you meant.

  4. The only way the "value added cards" could live up to that phrase is if they were actually printed on precious metals like Donruss used to do. That price is ridiculous. They should at least guarantee 1 or 2 1/1 cards per box (and I don't mean stupid printing plates) at that price.

  5. Don't you think that Topps would have taken a lesson from last year's Stadium Club? I remember the buzz around that. Everyone was excited as hell to have Stadium Club coming back, until they saw the price point. If I'm not mistaken it bombed.

    This is looking very similar to me. I know I sure don't have $230 that I want to spend on it, no matter how nice the cards are.

  6. No guarantee of an auto per box either. Just says it will contain an auto or relic. Who says your not getting a whole box of relics?