Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2008 Donruss Sports Legends Box Break

Blowout was running a special on these for the weekend, and this box was $65 delivered, which all in all isn't too bad. Was it worth it? You tell me? I can tell you one thing though, this box was incredibly fun to bust.

Format: 10 packs, 5 cards per. 4 "guaranteed" relics and/or autos per box (supposed to be 2 of each) 150 card base set featuring Sports Legends from all arenas.

Pack 1:
#126 Tony Esposito- Chciago Blackhawks Goalie (Hockey)
#125 Paul Molitor- Milwaukee Brewers
#124 Cliff Hagan- University of Kentucky (Basketball)
#14 Clyde Lovellette red parallel autograph- Kansas University (Basketball) #427/659
His pose seems to shout "you got screwed on this auto" Believe it or not, this card books for $75.
#14 Clyde Lovellette - Kansas University (Basketball)

Pack 2:

#111 Paul Coffee- Edmonton Oilers (Hockey)
#112 Muggsy Bogues- Wake Forest University (Basketball)
#113 Dick Butkus- Chicago Bears (Football)
#C-14 Don Larson Champions insert- New York Yankees (Baseball) #0085/1000
#59 Earl Campbell- Houston Oilers (Football)

Pack 3:
#11 Patrick Roy- Colorado Avalanche (Hockey)
#50 Joe Jackson- Chicago White Sox (Baseball)
#98 Tatu Pecorari- Dallas Sidekicks (Indoor Soccer)
#127 Ron Turcotte red parallel autograph- Jockey (Horse Racing)
A jockey auto? Seriously? At least he's in the Horse Racing Hall of Fame, and won the Triple Crown.
#18 Johnny Weissmuller- Team USA (Swimming)

Pack 4:
#139 Al Unser, Jr.- Indianapolis 500 Champion (Auto Racing)
#140 Nolan Ryan- California Angels (Baseball)
#130 Reggie Jackson- New York Yankees (Baseball)
#CH-3 Adrian Peterson College Heroes- Oklahoma University (Football) #0751/1000
#44 Dolph Schayes- Syracuse University (Basketball)

Pack 5:
#41 Roger Staubach- Dallas Cowboys (Football)
#87 Bill Walton- UCLA (Basketball)
#33 Michelle Akers- University of Central Florida (Soccer)
#62 Rollie Massimino- Villanova (Basketball Coach)
#20 Stan Musial- St Louis Cardinals (Baseball)

Pack 6:

#123 Jennie Finch- University of Arizona (Softball)
#122 Whitey Ford- New York Yankees (Baseball)
#121 Nate Thurmond- Bowling Green University (Basketball)
#77 Jerry West red parallel- West Virginia University (Basketball) #104/250
#67 Dick Vitale- Detroit Pistons (Coach)

Pack 7:
#78 Tony Dorsett- Dallas Cowboys (Football)
#3 Larry Bird- Indiana State University (Basketball)
#52 Robert Parish- Boston Celtics (Basketball)
#21 Troy Aikman- Dallas Cowboys (Football)
#77 Jerry West red parallel relic- West Virginia University (Basketball) #009/500
Hello again Jerry.
#10 Hank Aaron- Milwaukee Braves (baseball)

Pack 8:
#99 Pete Weber- Professional Bowler
#47 Dominique Wilkins- University of Georgia (Basketball)
#94 Serena WIlliams- Tennis Player
#55 Bailey Howell- Mississippi State University (Basketball)
#127 Ron Turcotte- Jockey (Harse Racing)

Pack 9:

#128 Tony Gwynn- San Diego Padres (Baseball)
#129 Cat Osterman- University of Texas (Softball)
#36 Frank Gifford (New York Giants (Football)
#MC-15 Tony Dorsett Museum Collection relic- Dallas Cowboys (Football) #170/250
Best looking card of the whole break. This is how a relic card should look. Love the baby blue swatch!
#81 Dominique Moceanu- Team USA (Gymnastics)

Pack 10:
#53 Steve Young- San Francisco 49ers (Football)
#12 John Wooden- UCLA (Coach)
#60 Yogi Berra- New York Yankees (Baseball)
#11 Patrick Roy red parallel- Colorado Avalanche (Hockey) #110/250
#90 Duke Snider- Brooklyn Dodgers (Baseball)

Well... that was a strange box indeed. Did you notice how a bunch of the packs contained cards that were sequentially numbered? The autos certainly aren't the greatest, nor are they low numbered, but I think it could have been worse (maybe). I really like that Dorsett relice, it's a thing of beauty, and you can't complain about pulling a relic of the guy in the NBA logo either. One could argue that Jerry West IS basketball itself. These cards are pretty nice looking, and the design is on the classy side. It was cool to get an Adrian Peterson card too, that's the first card of his that I've gotten. Overall this was a pretty fun box to break, and there were enough numbered cards for me to feel like I was doing ok

This wasn't a great break, by any stretch, but like I said earlier, it could have been worse (maybe). If you see anything you like, all cards are for trade.


  1. Do you have a wantlist for anything other than 09 A&G? My grandpa saw Lovellette play at KU; he knows nothing about cards, but I still think that would make a damn fine birthday present for him.

  2. Nope, no want list, but I like shiny signed things. Make me an offer for it, and I'm sure we can work something out.

  3. hello Mr Dorsett... paging Tony Dorsett to the white courtesy telephone...

  4. Hey beardy, you know who wants the Berra, Ford, Reggie, and Larsen right?

  5. So many great names - Muggsy, Dick Butkus, Dolph Schayes, Rollie. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  6. I loved D.S.L. Im thinking about treating myself to a couple boxes for Xmas.
    You did good Bearded one.
    There is a Joe firckin Montana gold auto floating around in a box somewhere. A Pete Rose as well.
    Hey I need that kitty. Lets do a blockbuster for that Kershaw.
    When ever your ready.


  7. The Dorsett and the AD are really cool.

    But, what the hell is it with us and horse autos?