Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trades From Times Of Yore Part 2- Ryan's Memorabilia

I am so far behind.

A couple of few weeks ago I got another fabulous package from M Ryan, of Ryan's Memorabilia. He saw an '09 Goodwin Cal Ripken night variation that he just had to have, and sent his trade package over in a hurry. It took me a more than a full week to even mail out his return package, and he's already managed to scan and post the whole darn thing. As if that wasn't already bad enough, he posted almost every single card I sent him, and here I'm only going to show you 6 of the cards he sent me. It's pretty obvious I am not worthy. Insert Wayne's World reference at your leisure.

1986 Fleer Limited Edition Eddie Murray
I didn't even need to flip this sucker over to find out what year it was from. This might be the least badass pose I've ever seen from Eddie. He looks deep in thought. Reflective, yet speculative. I'm going to go as far as to call him "sensitive" on this card. Where are the mutton chops? Look at those wristbands? Eddie?

1991 Topps Frank Robinson
Good to see you back in an Oriole uniform buddy. Frank was a much better player that he was a manager, but he did set the bar pretty high to begin with. No one should be that good at 2 things.

1992 Score "Dream Team" Cal Ripken
'92 was the year of the Dream Team thanks to the Barcelona Olympics. Cal wasn't there. He was too busy standing in front steam locomotives.

2001 Topps Chrome "Glove Birds"
I'm not sure what a glove bird is, but I know i like it. Cal is smirking like he just ripped one, and Brooks is grimacing like he just found out about it the hard way. Hooray for fart jokes! The lighter area on the right side is from a dirty top loader, and not a damaged card.

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Nick Markakis "Ultimate Stars Materials"
The swatch matches the uni, which totally makes the fact that it's grey seem not quite so dull. Needed this card for the Markakis collection, which I will one day maybe possibly but probably not find a way to showcase.

2008 Donruss Threads Brooks Robinson jersey relic
Who isn't a sucker for those old woolen swatches? I am, that's for sure. This was one of the better baseball products Donruss released last year, and proof positive that an unlicensed set doesn't have to suck.

Thanks for the great cards M. Ryan! It's always a pleasure trading with you, and I'm sure we'll do it again soon. You wouldn't think 2 Orioles fans would enjoy trading so much, but somehow we make it happen.

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