Tuesday, November 10, 2009

His Glove Is Golden

Congratulations to Adam Jones for winning the first Gold Glove of his career. Dude is an amzing fielder, and the recognition is deserved. Making an All-Star team, and winning a Gold Glove in just his second full season is pretty impressive. That home run he robbed from Kevin Youkilis was my single favorite play from last season.

Unfortunately, there's another outfielder in Baltimore who deserved a Gold Glove of his own, and for the second season in a row, he was denied. I'm of course talking about everyone's favorite player, Nick Markakis (ok, maybe just mine).

He regularly finishes near the top of the assists category, and has an absolute cannon for an arm. Not only does he damn near or above hit .300 every season, hit 20 HRs, and drive in 100 runs, he can field his position as well. I think it'll be downright special to watch these 2 young outfielders develop, and they are the #1 thing Orioles fans should be excited for 2010. I salivate thinking about the numbers these two could put up if they had a little lineup protection. Here's hoping for a big batted first or third baseman to get signed this off-season.


  1. I think AJ will have a shelf full of those before he's done.

  2. no offense to you or Jones, cuz he's an exciting young player, but he wasn't even in the top 15 AL outfielders defensively.
    His FP% was .986 in 118 games with a -4.7 UZR... that rates him a below average defensive outfielder.
    Look at David DeJesus, 144 games 1.000 FP% and a UZR of 15.1
    and he's only ranked as the fourth best. No way Jones deserved any hardware. But then again, these are the same judges that gave one to Jeter.

  3. Good to see an Oriole get some props - and was that Matt Wieters I saw on the UD series 2 Wrapper? Hopefully these are some good signs for the future.

  4. Dont forget Brandon Waring. That kid has some serious power. The O's are looking really good in 2011.

    Any power arms down at the farm?

  5. I think the O's will be great in 2010, but I think that every year... I dream of the days when the AL East has the Rays and Orioles battling for 1st with the Jays in 3rd and the Yanks and Red Sox battling for last. I like Jones and think he's a great fielder, but I didn't see him as a Gold Glover this year. He did appear a lot on Sportscenter with some real flashy plays, but I don't think he was the best. Markakis beat the Rays with his bat, glove and arm. I sit behind the bullpen at the Trop and had a great view of Markakis doing some amazing things out there in right, he is AAWESOME!