Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ho Ho Holiday Contest Prizes

Here is a list of preliminary prizes. These are the absolute baseline worst that the prizing will be, and are subject to change (for the better if possible). Chances are I'll throw in some cards the winners specifically collect as well, or at least try my best to do so. First & second place winners will get their choice of cards from a list of availables to be determined in the next few weeks.

First Place: Lot of 3 choice certified autos & 5 choice game used relic cards
Second Place: 1 choice certified autograph & 7 choice game used relic cards
Third Place: Lot of 5 random game used relics & 3 random refractors
Honorable Mention: Lot of 6 random refractors

Now get to work so you can win some cards!


  1. I wasn't going to enter because I didn't think I'd have a lot of time to make something good. Given these prizes, I'm definitely going to make time! Awesome stuff available here Beardy!

  2. I'm in. I wasn't going to at first, because I didn't feel like I could come up with something good. It would be fun to try though.

  3. I'm in as well. I really like these themed contests. Makes it very interesting.