Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cards from Stats On The Back

Last week mmosely of Stats On The Back posted some trade bait, which included several Goodwin short prints needed for my set. He kindly sent them over, and in return I am sending him some Goodwins from his want list, and 1 single Mets card.

#CD-15 Grigori Rasputin Citizens of the Day
The fabled Russian mystic himself. Sweet beard dude.

#CD-12 Wyatt Earp Citizen's of the Day

That looks nothing like Kurt Russell.

AS-3 Tasmanian Devil Animal Series
Remember when there was Taz stuff everywhere? That was strange.

1998 Metal Universe Brady Anderson Hardball Galaxy
Did the animator of this card know something about Brady that nobody else did in 1998? Looks like a classic case of 'roid rage to me.

1970 Topps Rookie Stars Fred Beene/Terry Crowley

It's always nice to receive vintage cards in the mail, especially when you've got no idea they're coming. The Crow looks good here, but then again, he was young.

Well, this finally almost doesn't quite get me caught up on trades from last week, but at least it's slow progress. Mark, thanks for the great trade! I have your cards packaged, but forgot the post office was closed today. It'll get them out to you in the next few days.

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