Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trades From Times Of Yore Part 1- All Tribe Baseball

Many moons ago I sent baseball dad some Obak Tribers, not quite so so many moons ago, he sent me a package of O's in return. Here's a few of them:

See, I told you they were in exchange for the Obaks. Why are you always doubting me?

Why this card? because I like '87 Topps, and I like Fred's orange jersey. Sweet, sweet polyester!

I'm not even sure what the hell this is. It was made by Leaf Donruss in 1988, and it pops out. Um, '88 Leaf Donruss All-Star Pop-Outs? (Thanks guys)

How awesome is this card? How weird is this card?

Thanks for the cards baseball dad, and for the weirdest photo of Cal Jr. I have ever seen. I didn't want any cards in exchange for the the Obaks, the point was to get rid of some cards. I'm certainly not mad about it or anything, especially since there were some Orioles in here I didn't already have.


  1. That leaf pop out looks similar to the "inserts" into the Donruss all-star set? The one I remember is 1989, maybe they did it multiple years?

  2. wow.... strange ripken.... but somewhat funny!

  3. Yeah that Ripken came from the 1988 Donruss All Star set. You can still find packs of them in repack boxes every now and then.