Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'09 Sweet Spot Hits

I broke down yesterday, and dropped way too much money on 4 packs of the spankin' new Upper Deck Sweet Spot. I have to admit, I came away feeling a bit empty, but that's mainly due to the fact that I didn't hit a Sweet Spot auto. What did I pull? Scroll down and see for yourself, silly!

All cards for trade, including Kung Fu Panda. Which is a beautiful card by the way, hard signed and not some crappy sticker auto. Props to Upper Deck for doing these Sweet beginnings autos right for a second year in a row. The jersey cards are a little on the dull side, and with the exception of Hamilton, the players I pulled are total duds. Sandoval definitely saved the day.

In my haste, I forgot to scan a base card. They're pretty nice looking. Very similar to last year's, which were also pretty nice. It's got the same embossed baseball, just oriented differently. The Panda should give you a pretty good idea of what they look like.


  1. Yuck. Two Giants hits? Better you than me.

  2. Wow, I'm a Tribe fan and even I can't get excited about that. Ryan freakin' Garko?

    Bummer, man. This is a bummer.

    What is it for 4 packs? Is that what you get in one of those tins? Around $30 or something?

  3. Sad.... really kind of disappointing.

  4. yikes. Looks like the hits from Topps Updates and Highlights. Still can't beat the rush of opening up those super-secretive packs though.

  5. Man, I would love the Kung Fu Panda, I just don't know what I have to offer.

  6. Did they have leftover St. Louis arch openings from the all-star swatches or something? Guess they look OK though...