Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ho Ho Holiday Contest Entry Received

The contest was announced less than a week ago, and already we have our first entry. While I won't post it and ruin the surprise, I will tell you that it's pretty awesome, and was submitted by none other than Mark, of Mark's Ephemera fame. I can always count on the Commish to come through in the clutch.

The rest of you have been put on notice, and better get your entries in soon. You don't want Mark to win ALL 30 of the cards in the prize pool, do you? Well that's what's going to happen if his is the only entry.

All entries are due by December 20th 2009, at which point they will be posted, and your fellow bloggers & readers will have 4 days to vote for their favorite. Not that it matters much, since the ultimate decision is up to me.


  1. I'm still going to try to make one, but no guarantees. I sort of have non stop school work til about the 14th, and then I'll be with my girlfriend's family starting the 17th or 18th. Small window - but maybe I can make it work.

  2. I just finished mine yesterday. It's getting jammed in a envelope as we speak. Tomorrow it will be given a stamp and put in the hands of the United States Postal Service.