Sunday, November 15, 2009

Booty From a Couple of Group Breaks

First up to bat is I am Joe Collector, who's monthly breaks are consistently affordable (less than $20/team), and over the long run have turned out to be a pretty good deal for me. Sure, there have been some rough months, and without the Reimold auto that was pulled for me this past month, this would have been another, but there have also been some great months, and I've gotten some nice cards, and built some team sets in the process. That was definitely a run on sentence, and I think the word "and" was used at least 3 times. That's been a no-no since 3rd grade. This past month's break was a couple of boxes of 2006 Legendary Cuts, and a few boxes of 2009 Topps Chrome.

Here are the '06 Legendary Cuts. I didn't get any of the hits from these boxes, but I also didn't have a single base card before this either.

All of my favorite Orioles, and Boog rockin the baby blues. Why they chose blue, the world may never know. Perhaps they thought it was grey. It may in fact be grey, but always appears blueish to me.

I mentioned the Reimold earlier, and even though I already have a copy of this card, that was traded to me by The Mojo Hand, it's still nice to get an autograph hit from a group break.

Speaking of autograph hits from a group break, Saints of the Cheap Seats also held a group break last month, which was also quite affordable. For right around $20 you got 2 hits from a case of 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection. This was the first of Dan's breaks that I had participated in, and it worked out pretty well for me, as I came away with 2 autographs of 2 AL East rivals, which means they should serve as decent trade bait.

Oh yeah, I also got a base card of Stephen Drew. I remember working on a potential D-Backs for O's trade with someone, but the name escapes me at the moment. Perhaps they'll be interested in this card?

Thanks to Joe Collector, and Saints of the Cheap Seats for taking the time & energy to host a group break. If you haven't already checked out either of their blogs, you should do that. All you've got to do is click a stupid link. Don't be lazy. Joe Collector just added a couple of new monthly breaks, one for baseball, and one for football. There are teams still available if you're interested. Dan, from Saints of the Cheap Seats recently pulled himself a pretty sweet card from Sweet Spot, and may just win himself a "Pull of the Year award, so you should check that out as well.


  1. Shitake!

    I bet your wishing that was a wang. Gotta love the Japanese auto's though.

    You can swing that Papelbon my way if you want. Lol


  2. Nice Orioles cards!

  3. Yo, DBacks go to me. Skoormit. DBacks. EZ to remember. I'm way behind on reading. If you still have that Drew, hang on to it for me.