Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meanwhile In Montoursville, PA

This guy is crying the tears of a clown.

Not that it would have been any different if he'd stayed in Baltimore, but I've got to say HA! to Mike Mussina this morning.

This could have been you Mike, this could have been you.

Congratulations to the New York Yankees for winning championship #27. I may not have wanted you to win, but congratulations are still in order none the less.


  1. Hey dude.
    Completely off topic, I was rooting around on eBay, saw this and thought of you.

  2. Holy crap that is awesome! I can't believe it's already up to $18.

  3. Whoever has me for Secret Santa, that would be the perfect gift...

  4. I went to church camp with Mike for a couple of summers up at Camp Mt. Luther while growing up and he's had class all the way ever since. I strongly believe he retired for the right reasons as Mike would not have anything to make him retire abruptly (IE. steroids, drugs, scandals). Yeah it probably was a bit of a stinger to him but knowing how he was personally he's still happy.

  5. Just a follow-up on that Mantle card. I don't know if you read that blog Poor Old Baseball Cards, but apparently, thats who ended up with The Mick.